Serval Keep as Pet with Proper Take Care



Serval is well known medium sized African cat. Serval is wild cat that belong to cat family. Serval cat is the affectionate pet. Mostly cat lovers keep serval as pet. Serval is wild exotic cat so carefully keep as pet in house setting. Proper take care and housing is must if you keep as pet.

Physical appearance;


Serval is medium sized cat. Their body length is 59 cm to 92 cm which having short tail. Serval cats also having long legs, erect ears which acute hearing sense. Serval cat weight in males 7 to 12 kg and female serval weight is 9 to 18 kg. It can also look golden colored with black spotted cat.

Personality traits;


Serval is active and intelligent cat. Serval is naturally shy and skittish. These cats can gain attention and play with them. Serval is also like other animals and keeps as other pet animal. Due to their personality traits serval keep as pet.

Serval keep as pet;

 Serval is wild cat so, if you keep as pet then take care of some following suggestion and keep as pet.



If you keep serval as pet then bounding is more essential. For bounding you must develop trust in Serval with food, incentive, playing and toys. You should giving food directly by hand. In this way they become friendlier and learn trust. So, in this way you can keep serval as pet easily.



Serval required a wide space for living because they can jump. They need a room with closed window. They can jump so the chance of flying jump and gone outdoor. You will make sure no dangerous items placed in this room such as electrical wires, chemicals, indigestible material, glass and many more.



Feeding of serval is according to their age. Kitty, six month serval and adult serval diet is quite different from each other. As mature server need proper diet. You should provide leg and neck of chicken meat. Cooked meat is not suitable for their health. They need 1 to 3 pounds meat required in a day. If they eat excessive meat in a day then next day their diet is less in quantity. They can also need plenty clean water.

Serval playing;


Serval likes playing and they feel happiness with playing. They play with toys and also like chewing. So it is good idea for their playing. You should provide hard plastic is giving for chewing. It is the best idea for their playing.

  • Heath and care;


If you keep serval as pet then proper take care of their heath. You should take care about their health. When serval can ill then some sign shows such as vomiting, change their moods and diarrhea. So, you should contact with veterinary doctor and treat as well. Their vaccination is also more important.


Serval is wild cat. If you keep as pet then be careful about their proper take care.

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