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Keep care your pet teeth by clean them. You can keep fresh breath of dog or cat by regularly brushi8ng. Which type of brush you can use is main question. Your pet live happy, longevity and healthy if you protect from teeth diseases. Serious dental issue can be a great threat for their life like effect kidney, and heart. In our collection improve quality triple toothbrush, finger toothbrush, double side, bone, dog bite rubber toy toothbrush are include. These toothbrushes are defined with their use and price.

Let’s go and enjoy!

EZ Dog Triple Toothbrush:

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Clean all the teeth of the pet at a time due to 3 way action of triple-head toothbrush. Flexible heads features that remove food and debris. Simply move the brush with comfort gripe handle for easy maneuver. For clean the tongue of pet you can use bottom of the handle. Each tooth cleans with creative style toothbrush. Use the brush in linear motion for cleans the pet teeth at least three times per week.
How you can apply or use follow the below image!

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Pet Finger Toothbrush with Bristles:

4 pet toothbrush (2)

Pet super soft finger toothbrush you can buy just in US $ 1.70. Pet owner wear the teeth brush on his finger and can easily clean the teeth. It’s very different from others toothbrush that handle with hand but it with finger. Finger toothbrush with care breath bad cat or dog teeth can clean.

Double Side Pet Toothbrush:

5 pet toothbrush (12)
For daily use green color double side pet toothbrush is also available in market. Long size brush price only $5.00. You can use the tooth paste that recommended your pet doctor. With big side you can clean front and with small the back teeth of pet. The size of toothbrush helps you in beat clean the teeth.

Dog Bone Toothbrush:

6 pet toothbrush (4)

Clean your dog teeth as play. Rugged rubber chew toy gently remove the all food, tartar, plaque around the teeth. Within few minutes of per day play you will receive clean teeth and fresh breath of your pet. Rubber chew don’t hurt when you clean the teeth of pet. Its price is $4.99.

Dog Bite Resistant Rubber Toy Toothbrush:

7 pet toothbrush (7)

In above image you can see pet dog bite resistant rubber toy toothbrush. Dog tooth care chew also create sound due to both side tiny hole. During play you can get neat and clean teeth of your god. Its interesting style dog bite toothbrush made of rubber material that dog can easily chew.  Light weight dog tooth care toy pet is not much costly.

Pet Finger Brush Dental Care:

8 pet toothbrush (5)

How you can use finger brush learn here. Place the brush on your index finger and apply pet dental recommended toothbrush. Start at the front of the mouth and use in oval movement brush over the teeth. Begin slowly a minute and when pet become comfortable with brush try brushing one or two strokes.

Soft Dog Toothbrush:

9 pet toothbrush (1)

Professional design pet silicon soft toothbrush protects being hurt. For dog additional care these toothbrush are useful. After use you can save the brush once again time use. You can enjoy dog teeth brush in low price and easily from pet accessories market. Clean your pet dog or cat teeth these brush are perfect.


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