How to Keep Care Bunny in Summer Days


Heat stroke in rabbit can be fatal so you need to keep care you bunny as summer days start. Pet rabbit can bear the cool but these are less in hot weather. If temperature exceed 85 degree Fahrenheit than you need to prepared cool house for bunny. Rabbit whole body cover with fur. So if you have adopted a pet rabbit in this summer be sure to keep it in cool environment.  Humidity, temperature, and air ventilation are all factor that cause of heatstroke in pet bunny. Check your rabbit every day and make sure it free from overheat and feel comfortable.

Sign of Heat Stroke in Pet Rabbit:

Breathing with open mouth

Confused behavior

Increase heart beating

Redness of ear and warm ear

Take fast breathing

Drooling around the muzzle area

Refuse to drink water even after long time


What Should You Do When Rabbit Get Heatstroke?

First mist pet rabbit ear in cool water

Wrap their body in cool towel

Take your rabbit to an expert veterinarian

When go to the vet make sure car air conditioner

Note: (don’t submerse pet bunny in cold water in any situation)

How to Keep Rabbit Cool:

Develop The Cool Environment:


In summer days the idea temperature for pet rabbit is between 55 and 70 degree Fahrenheit. Bunny even can bear the 85 degree Fahrenheit temperature but if can exceed the risk of heatstroke will create.

If you keep the pet rabbit outdoor like backyard, garden pay attention on the temperature especially in summer. If rabbit live in a cage at outdoor space its fur will trap the sun heat and you face result in heat stroke.

Try to cover the outdoor space rabbit cage with curtain or place under shade. If you arrange the bunny house in a room close the window where direct sun rays come inside. Put central air conditioner near the rabbit cage.

Hang Wet Towel Over Top Of Cage:


Hanging wet towel over top of the rabbit cage is especially effective as compare to with a running fan. When you wet towel first soak it than hang it on top of rabbit cage. You can cover the entire age with wet towel but if dropping again soak.

Put Ice Under The Pet Rabbit Cage:

To make cool bottom of the cage put some ice packs. Freeze water bottle is another option to keep it inside the cage as compare to put ice packs underneath the cage. Never apply directly ice packs on rabbit body it will cause your rabbit quickly lower the body temperature.

Make Brush On Rabbit Fur:


Normally rabbit keep their body clean but if don’t do this then extra fur act as another layer of fur that will disturb in summer days but keep warm in cool. In summer days on regularly bases make brush in rabbit fur. Keep your strokes light when you make brush because you don’t like to remove fur from rabbit body.

Give Water To Drink:


Place some ice cubes in rabbit water bottle to lower its body temperature. Long day ice cubes keep water cool as the ice melt. Dehydration is more common during summer days. Give you rabbit veggies that help full to keep hydrate. Soak carrot and other vegetables that fill with water like to eat your rabbit in summer days. With this idea your rabbit get additional water though its food.

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