Japanese Stag Beetle as Pet Care Sheet


Hello Pet lover Today here we discus about stag beetle life. Countless Small pet name stag beetle is popular in Japan. 39 different species of stag beetle are found in alone Japan. Stag beetle has English name mandibles. Stag can make fight with female and like to live in jar. Inspire to this fact that they make fight with women these have normal behavior with human. Now more about stag beetle life scroll down the page. With each image we give you detail information about stag beetle life.



Family Name:



Stag beetles are currently divided in to four subfamilies.


Can grow at least 12 cm and some at 5 cm.



Life cycle of stag beetle continue just 3 years.



You can hold down your pet stag beetle in a glass jar, aquarium or large container that best suited for their life. Line the battle house with wood or soil. In large container pet stag beetle make easy movement than the smaller one. Keep reasonable air inside the beetle house.



You can give juicy fruit, black sugar to stag beetle. Stag pet not like to eat spoil, and dried food. If you have more than one stag beetle than place the food in each corner of their house. Don’t give heavy fruit like water melon to pet beetle.



You must confirm the stag beetle house covering otherwise they can go outside and you lost your lovely beetle. Beetle can easily lift the house if you dong tightly screwed and lock to their house door. At night time beetle can make fly under the house with their wings. If accidently you lose your beetle in house then make search, they mostly attach with the lamp.



In summer season it becomes difficult for stag beetle to continue their life so they die. If you love more with their beetle you can live them at least one month in refrigerator. Some time stag beetle for escaping makes show as they die but you confirm before pin them.



Stag beetle prefers to live in 20 to 25 degree Celsius temperature. Don’t pull down in direct sunlight, cool place with shaded area best one for their long life.

Number of Beetle:


Don’t put the number of male and female beetle in one container. Both genders can make fight with each other and result show in the form of cracked shell, broken legs, and even make death.



Female stag beetle goes down up to 30 cm in the ground for lay the 21 eggs. Eggs that stag beetle are lay in long form which larva hatch. With very slow motion larva come out off the egg, and take birth in white skin color and then grow slowly.

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