Home Treatment for Injured Dogs

What is pain?

Pain is personal and an unpleasant sensory, emotional experience I which actually tissue damage. Measure the pain is difficult task in pet dog. Usually dog cries in extreme pain condition. But when the pain is in the stomach how can judge? Back pain is common in mature dog than can easily judge with their rest behavior. In pain or any other injury condition you need to give first aid to your pet injured dog.

Essential First Aid Kit:

Adhesive tape

Gauze pads


Safety pin

Clean cloth strips

Wooden ruler

Fresh bottle water

Hydrocortisone cream

Rectal thermometer


Wire cutter



Nylon rope for restraint


3% hydrogen peroxide

Saline eyewash

Manner with Care:


When your pet dog gets any pain or injury think with same condition as in case of man. Approach the affected area with great care and try to don’t touch otherwise your dog will get extra pain.

Snout you’re God:


After get injury if dog make vomiting, the best idea is to snout. At that time your pet dog without any care can attack and hurt you. Avoid to take injury self and snout slowly.

Don’t Hug Your Pet:


Now pleas take care and don’t think to hug the dog. If you hug your dog will forget all the pain and injured you, because it doesn’t understand the human behavior at that time. Keep the certain distance between you and your pet dog.

Find Out Or Examine The Injury:


It’s the most important step that to examine your dog injury. Don’t touch the dog injury tightly and try to give first aid as you give to human. It will batter for you that you has assistance when your dog get injury and you want to examine of its body.

Arrange The Dog Carrier:


After you give first aid to dog it will need to make check up from vet. Now arrange the perfect carrier in which dog keep rest and don’t disturb. In case of leg injury your dog can not walk and excessive need become with pet carrier. If you has own your housie it will be batter otherwise find in your neighbor.

Visit The Vet:


If you has very loveable pet dog you want to make quickly checkup when it get seriously injury. Tell your dog vet with detail about the injury it will help full in batter treatment.

Give Balance Diet:


After you make checkup of your injured dog give balance diet according to vet instruction. Follow the diet chart that best in short time dog health maintenance.

Give Adequate Fluids:


It is best to give adequate fluids that very essential in maintenance of kidney. Fluid requirement depend on the dog size. Your vet will give batter instruction about your dog health.

Complete The Medical Course:


Certain medicine will recommend the vet that strictly gives the injured dog. Complete the entire course of medicine that best to remove the all germs from the body. At start your dog disturbs after than become regular and say you ok.

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