Home remedies for Upset Stomach of Their Pet Dog


Dog stomach is more sensitive so take care of their diet. When dog overeat and no eat anything then their stomach is upset. Upset stomach is normal for dogs due to seasonal environmental and food allergies. If you pet dog mild level stomach upset then no problem but if severe then danger for your pet dog.  Dog can’t tell their sickness so you can diagnose their disease. It is very difficult task to know about their health.

Symptoms and sign of upset stomach:

Here are some symptoms and sign show which you can guess their dog upset stomach.





Eating grass

Change their appetite

Causes of upset stomach:

Dog upset stomach has many causes through your pet dog fall in stomach problem.

Environmental changes

Food allergies

Change food

Change weather

Home remedies of dog upset stomach:

When pet dog mild level upset stomach then cure at home by the instructions of their veterinarian. You can treat home in mild upset stomach.

Here are some home remedies of upset stomach.

Boiled Rice:


When your pet dog stomach is upset then treats well with home remedies. Boil rice is a light weight diet for soothing their dog stomach. Fully boiled rice give with some water on it their eating pot. Soft rice easily swallows and gives rest their stomach and recover their upset stomach.

Boiled boneless chicken:


You may also give boiled chicken for their pet dog not uncooked meet give. Uncooked meet no digest quickly so their stomach work hard and upset their stomach. When their stomach is upset then gives boneless boiled chicken without salt for soothing effect.



Banana is a soft diet that can give rest their stomach and treat well at home. You can give balanced amount banana for your pet dog. It can helpful for diarrhea and soothing for dog stomach.



Oatmeal is also a best treatment for upset stomach both human and animal. When your pet can indulge in upset stomach disease then give oatmeal for take rest their upset stomach.

Change your dog food:


If your pet stomach still upset then change their food slowly. In this situation you must consult your veterinarian and change their food for healthy life. In this process mixing other food in their food very slowly Small amount add in their food on daily basis. In this way complete change their dog food and feel better their stomach problem.

Veterinary check up:


If no treats work their upset stomach then take away from their veterinary doctor and treats well through medication and therapies. Complete check up give your pet dog and treat well.

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