Fresh Water Living Pet Betta Fish


Beautiful betta fish is ideal for beginners. With its dull coloring and short fins betta originally come from ponds, and streams. Know a day’s betta emerged under different color. Male betta is so aggressive so due to this reason it’s become difficult to keep them in same aquarium. Owner of betta become alert and don’t lay down the male and female in one aquarium otherwise fish death will occur. You should know detail understanding about your pet life. Useful information about betta life sees in this article with images detail.



Betta take life in to these colors as White, chocolate, yellow, turquoise, red, steel blue, black, and green.


Betta fish have long life just 5 years.

Aquarium Water Temperature:

 Betta can enjoy life in 76 to 82 degree water temperature.

Aquarium Size:


5 gallons



Betta takes diet from water surface. Best diet for betta is death bloodworms, and daphnia. Lots of vitamin and minerals much filled in pet betta feeding, this type of food help fish betta in attractive look coloring and longevity. Make surviving on plants roots its difficult task for betta.



As compare to male female betta don’t have ability to make fight with its enemies. It’s preferred to make swimming alone and find hide space for sleeping. Plant cornet like space is best suited for betta hidden safety purpose.



When you are going to construct the betta house you should keep in mind that you take fresh water. It will help the fish to maintain the PH under clear water. Change the bowl, tank, and aquarium water after three to four days. If much chlorine presence in water you feel then turn it into declorine with drop of declorinator. With this idea excessive of bacteria fill drop down.



You should take exercise to pet betta that is interesting and enjo full idea. Drop down a straw in the water when your betta see it and come near to it drop down feed in mouth. Slowly make this movement again and again.

Health and Care:


Wash the betta tank with warm water and change the water of it. But keep care the water temperature same as earlier. Be assuring you add declorinator to the water for removal of harmful bacteria. Buy the water test kit to check weekly bases tank water.

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