Dog Pet Caring Instructions


Dog is pet animal people can keep as pet. Most of dog lovers keep as pet with their proper take care of feeding, housing and many other basic needs. When you keep as pet then take care of both physical and emotional care of their dog. If you can fulfill their needs then dog become happy and live healthy. For this bonding is most important with their dog. Their bonding love and care is making your family member.

Take care of dog;







Veterinary check up



If you dog keep as pet then bounding is more important. Because when dog is attached with you then they live happily and follow the instructions during training. Dog bounding is more essential that is helpful for your keeping as pet.



Dog grooming is also more important. Dogs can messy they don’t care about their cleanliness. If you can keep dog as pet then your responsibility their cleaning and grooming. If your dog is groomed then looking beautiful. For their grooming, you should take bath of their dog on daily basis in summer season if winter season then weekly bath. After bathing you should trim their nails. When your dog is looking neat and clean then can also healthy.



Dog training is more essential for both you and your dog. Because dog not know about you and you also not know about their dog. So their training is must. Through training you can control their behavioral problems. For their training you should spend most of their time with their dog. Dog is intelligent animal so they learn quickly. Their training is easy. Through conditioning they can learn with proper way. Through give and take theory their training is more appropriate.



Plenty of exercise is more essential for their pet dog. Due to exercise their body is healthy. You should make sure walk of your dog with normal speed. In their exercise reward based training is beneficial for their health. So, you should take exercise of their dog for their healthy life.



If you keep dog as pet then proper housing provide. You should make a dog house with wide space which they can easily walking, standing and eating. In their house placed food and water pots and wide space for sleeping and sitting.



For their good health they need plenty of clean water and best dog food. You should provide clean water in a bowl, important healthy dog food and meat. You should also avoid boiled meat. If you keep as pet then firstly give your dog food then you eat anything.

Veterinary check up;


You should provide proper veterinary check up annually. If your dog is injured and fell any disease then quickly rescue provides. Veterinary doctor can treat in better way through antibiotic medicines. Their proper check up is most helpful for their health.


If you keep dog as pet then proper take care above mentioned instructions such as bounding, grooming, training, exercise, housing, feeding and proper veterinary check up.

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