Dachshund Loyal Family Pet-Personality and Care


Dachshunds are clever, affectionate and true companion that why there   is great popularity of keeping Dachshund as family pet. Dachshund is long body and short leg dog breed have amazing personality. Wiener Dog, toy Wiener Dog., Doxie, sausage dog, badger dog, Teckle, sosis, bassotto whatever you call it’s cute and loving breed that make good and versatile companion. These dogs are basically hound dogs bred for the purpose of hunting badgers, rabbits, foxes and tunneling animals. But now Dachshunds become well known family dog. They also bred as small-game dog or show dogs.



Dachshunds originated from Germany. Earlier theories believe that roots of Dachshunds go back to ancient Egypt that firstly found in earlier 1600 in germane. These dogs have amazing features of following rabbits and underground animals as they follow them inside their burrows. Dachshunds are traditional symbol of Germany, in Germany Dachshunds named as deckle while hunter called it Teckle. Dachshunds win 10th rank in top list of pet dogs in united state. Dachshunds become popular pet for pet dwellers and small apartment owners. In 1885 Dachshunds was recognized by American Kennel Club (AKC).



Dachshunds basically have long body and muscular short stubby leg that amazing sport it during hunting and cheesing burrow animals like rabbits and stoats. Dachshunds are divided in three types as long hair dog, weird hair dogs and shorthair dogs also vary in sizes and weights. They have elongated head, convex skull with arched eyebrows. These digs have loose skin that do not tear or tight when they follow or tunneling prey in burrow. Deep chest, long snout with increase nose make it good hunting dog.

Smooth or short haired Dachshunds look cute. Long hair Dachshunds have silky coat and their legs and ears also covered with short feather. Wirehaired Dachshunds are common breed in Germany but that have less importance in US.

Coat Color:

Single color Dachshunds are found in red or cream color.

Black and with tan pointed.

Blue and tan with tan pointed.

Isabella and tan

Chocolate and tan

Black and cream, black and tan, chocolate and cream

Tricolor coats with brindle, dapple or piebald patterns.

Dachshunds also found in cross breeding patterns that fusion of three patterns.

Weight and Height:

Dachshunds are also varied in weight and heights they are divided in two groups according to AKC. Dachshunds have two sizes standard and miniature. Standard Dachshunds   and 8-11 inches height with average weight more than 11 pounds while miniature Dachshunds have 5-7 inches height and in pound weight or less. There is another verity of Dachshunds with is known as toy Dachshunds have 8 pounds with 12 inches height.



Dachshunds are affectionate, active, clever, and lively dogs devoted toward its family. It’s little critical to train Dachshunds but they learn after some struggle. They love travelling as also best dog for small home or apartment they are   proud, brave and loving indoor dogs. These dogs are right option of older and children. Many behavior problems are rarely found in Dachshunds such as snapping, biting, separation anxiety, guarding food and obsessive barking. Dachshunds are social with other pets. Sometime they refuse leadership or quick bite and feel jealous. Dachshunds are also watchful dogs loyal with family but they have loud and frequent barking that why it’s better to stay them inside the home.

Life Span:

Generally Dachshunds have 12 to 12.5 year life expectancy but with good care and health they live about 12-15 years in captivity.

Litter Size:

Dachshunds litter size it’s about 4-8 puppies



Dachshunds are indoor pet also adjust in apartment life style. Dachshunds are amazingly amenable for city life but need some break so take them in public places like parks or countryside areas.



Dachshunds need average grooming as there is lower shedding rate in Dachshunds yet wired hair dogs need little more than other two breeds. Regular brushing and combing required for Dachshunds grooming. Wirehair dog also need professional trimming two times in year.   Clean short hair dogs coat with damp clean cloth.


Dachshunds are active and clever dogs have stronger muscular body and surprising stamina need fewer exercise. Daily walk, sectional play is good for them. Restrict them from jumping as it may damage their spinal.



Dachshunds also face minor and major health issues like other domestic dogs. Diabetes, epilepsy, patellar luxation are common diseases. Intervertebral disc diseases are major health issues that need proper medication and treatments.

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