Chicks Keep as a Best Pet with Proper Care

Chicks are the baby of hens. Chic is tiny and cute pet so, people kept chick as a pet. To keep chick is difficult task because of their proper care with housekeeping. Most of people like chicks and kept as a pet with proper and plenty care of the chicks. If you keep chicks then you should provide proper diet, shelter, environment and attention with proper way.

Personality traits;

Chicks are cute pet and soft natured pet. They are affectionate and loveable for their owner. They scroll around your shoulder. Chicks are most of attention seekers and follow their instructions. When I get chicks as pet then they like sitting on my lap and hands for warmness.

Gain attention;

After diet requirement they need attention and love. You should spend your time with their pet chicks and give attention. Then chicks attached their owner and you can easily check their problems and provide proper medicated care.


When you can keep chicks as a pet then provide proper shelter according to their requirement. You should keep in a box with covering and line up beneath box with of newspaper sheet. You should clean their house on daily basis. You can also save their pet chick any kind of danger and keep safe and sound place in their home.

Provide warmness;

Chick can need warmness when newly born chicks. They need 100 degree warmness in their shelter during two weeks. You should provide 100 watt bulb in their shelter box with hanging style. After two weeks, reduce their warmness approximately 5 and so on.

Proper diet;

Chicks need proper diet for their best growth. You should provide plenty of water and food item. Chicks’ food is different from elder chickens.  You should provide medicated and non medicated food item then after some time change their food. And give protein food slightly according to their requirement. Proper food and water pots are placed in their shelter.


When you keep chicks as pet then follow all above instructions and rules and then keep as a best pet with proper health and care.

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