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Rottweiler is a domestic breed of dog. Medium to large size dog were known in German with Rottweiler Metzgerhund name. Rottweiler types of dogs are also used in military, and police for search purpose. Guard dogs are most important for home and make behave as friend.

Physical features:

Tolerate dog

Best to live in apartment

Affection with family member

Friendly dog

Easy to groom

Number of shedding


Need exercise

High energy level

Life span: 8 to 11 years

Height: male (24 to 27) female (22 to 25)

Weight: male (50 to 60 kg) female (35 to 48 kg)



Working dog has strong fair length neck, and straight strong back. Croup is broad with medium length and round neither flat. Chest in these dogs fall down in broad and deep shape. Tail come in docked at the first, front legs are straight, shoulder slop is about 54 degree. Front feet of working dogs are round, hard pads, and short nail in black and white color. Skin is covered with double coat the upper coat is in medium length while inner present on neck in tight shape.

Color & Marks:


Rottweiler are black in color with well define mahogany. Mahogany dots are seeing on each above of eye, on the cheek, on snout strip. Marks don’t go on the nose that always remains black. Face mark are move at dog throat. A patch of mahogany you can see underneath the tail. Black color thin strip also present on each Rottweiler toes.



Personality wise Rottweiler’s are calm, Confident, and courage don’t shy others. Take time to make friend of unknown person for judge him. This breed of dog has inherent desire to protect his owner family and owner. With strong work power Rottweiler are smart dog. Some difference falls down between the Rottweiler sexes. Male are watchful always keep attention on threats while female are somewhat easy to control.

Health & Care:


Rottweilers are generally healthy but suddenly prone to certain unhealthy condition. Now all Rottweiler become ill but you have knowledge about their health. This breed of dog can fall in below diseases like,

Hip dysplasia: in this disease the dog thin bone does not remain fit. Some time dog feel pain in both legs. Injury also incurred from jumping on floor.

Allergies: An allergy is common disease in dog. Eliminate the certain food from dog diet until the right culprit is discovered. Allergies fall down due to the dog shampoo, pollen, dust, bedding, and other chemical. Ear infection is common effect that generally faces the dog.

Panosteitis: this disease referred to pain because it usually occurs in puppies.

Osteosarcoma: it is a form of cancer.

Elbow dysplasia: elbow dysplasia can only be discovering with y-ray. Dog vet can recommend the surgery.


Don’t live the Rottweiler alone in back yard it will become bore, rude, and aggressive. Provide the yard around the dog not only to protect from people injury, because he can aggressive with other dogs. These also enjoy the play with ball. Pet Rottweiler like to learn new things and give reward to you.


If in above all disease any occurred checkup the vet that best guide you.



Rottweilers are carnivore’s first need of meat to eat. Keep your Rottweiler healthy with best providing the food. Twice time food need to your pet dog. Always try to give mix food not same with high quality of dry food.

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