Basic Beginner’s Guidelines for Caring Horse


Keeping a horse is interesting ideas that bring excitement and joy in your life. Horse is horse, faithful, loyal and friendly. They are true companion as its great experience of having a house as pet. Horse keeping is biggest responsibility required high budgets, Time devotion and love.  Horses are generally herd animals but fewest breeds happily live alone with devoted owners. You enjoy their companionship. Are you excited to bring a horse in home? Wait don’t show hurry, relaxed your mind and firstly known general information about how to take care of horse if you never breed horse prior.  You have to consider all the aspects related to horse care and its training. Gets knowledge of horse food, water, living and rescue information form experienced horse owner or search in web site which provide complete guideline for raising horse. Here we discuss fewer basics of raising horse that must in consideration of a horse owner going to bring it home first time.

Law and Regulation:


When you plan to purchase a horse read the related law and regulation of that area from which you below.  Basically local authority arranged some law about horse feeding, safety, habitation and treatment in case of injuries along with raiding and work loading condition. Horse is so cognizant creature highly sensitive about injuries.  Mostly horses injured when young rider who do not know riding skills causes to injured horses during rider and handling.



Horses are grass eats grasses, hay, grains and pellets. When you selected food for horse firstly considered either you own a working or non-working horse. Working and riding horse need highly energetic food which non-working horse feeds on economic   food.  Oats, corn, barley are best grains for horses while alfalfa. Red clover, timothy, tall fescue, orchard grass are suitable hay.  Highly concentrate of horse feeding because unhealthy and unbalanced deist may leads to colic which is digestive problem.

Always feed hay and grasses before grain.

Select clean hay to feed horses.

Horses are natural grazer need  time to graze so it’s better to  give little food  three to four time in a days.

Avoid feed coarse hay as they can’t  handle it. This hay cheaper in cost but upset horse stomach.

Hay may not too tine or fat that horse feel hurdle in eating.

Stay away horse from urea mix food which given to cattle because it toxic for horses.



Water is essential to living creature. Horses are not separate from us they also need plenty of water about 20 to 50 liter water but it’s not exacts it need more or less water according to weather condition. In hot and fussy condition they need extra water.  Researcher say working horse loses plenty of water in sweat per hour so supply more water than non-working horse.

Living Condition:


Keeping a horse in not easy task it need high budget, space and time. Generally you have to extra budget to provide suitable accommodation which may consist on paddocks, fencing and stabling. Choose reasonable paddock in right size that comfortable for you horse.  Tree or shed covered paddock provides protection from heat or cold wind. If you are going to keep horse in herds then make safe and secure fencing around the backyard.



Horses need average grooming to remove dirt.  Tones, and stimulates skin oil glands.  Clean and good-looking horse is first priority of owner. You feel happier while grooming your horse its fun. Ruby curry comb is used to remove mud from body. Gently comb hairs in their direction with long strokes. Rubber glove and dandy brush is essential tool to remove skin oils and coming tails. Dandy cob straighten mane and also remove minor tangles.  Finally clean rest of dust with soft body brush.

Hoof Caring:


Horse have hoof allow horse move better without putting streets and strain on body. Its need poper care as hoof injuries is painful for them and creating problem in walking. Clearly examine hoof before and after riding with special hoof tools.  Check looseness to ensure that they do not damage   sensitive part of sole by shifting inside them.  Hoofing is essential for highly riding horses.

Health Care:


Horses need proper vaccination and worming treatment for good health. Teeth care is also meaningful for horse. Check teeth after every six month to ensure the horse is free from any dental problem. Quickly response to minor or major injuries that may leads to serious health issue. Choking, diarrhea, colic, illness intestinal blockage, and eyes injuries are more common in horses.

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