9 Reasons of Cat Not Eating Food and Their Treatment


Something cat not eating well or totally avoided to eat. There might a problem which must need to diagnostic reason behind this. Basically its may happened due to Anorexia which   means loss of appetite.  It must indication of a problem major or minor.   So carefully diagnose when you cat consistently refuses to eat.  Here we discuss   few reasons of why cat do not eat well and their solution.

Is there any health issue:


Mostly it happens when your cat suffer for any health disorder. There are different diseases in which cat refused to eat when it prone to that disease.  Examine either your cat is prone to one of following health issue:

Dental diseases

Gastrointestinal issues

Kidney disorder




If you fine any one then try to give treatment in minor issue but must take it to related vet for proper treatment and medication.

Pet cat is recently getting vaccination:

Cat also says no for food when you recently take it to vet for routine vaccination. It may a reaction or side effect of such vaccination that rarely happens.  If you find such type of side-effects then don’t need to worry, its temporary and mild.

Is you branded dry food suitable for cat or not:

Food is major issue related to this issue. Sometime we choose dry food for cat neglected its ingredient list. There are many issues   about dry food.  Your cat may dislike its taste or it’s not good for its stomach.  Old and expired food also reasons of not eating food.  Place it food in dry and cool areas otherwise it change taste.  If dry food is not suited to cat it better to change it.

Check food temperature either too hot or cold:


Mostly   cat foods are stored in deep freezer   need to be warm such as meat and canned cat food. They do not like too hot or cold so keep food in normal room temperature or just keep for few minutes in refrigerator.

Is cat feeling bored from same food?


Bring variety in cat food to make it happy.  When you serve same food daily it feeling bored and declines to eat it.  Consistently change its diet   is better for its eating behaviors.  Also change dry food flavor and canned food   after sometime period.

Is food bowl creating problems?


Cat also refused eating if their bowl create problem in eating process. Cat does not like narrow and deep bowls.   Dirty bowl make bad smell which restrict cat to eat food.  Choose wider food dish or bowls made metal or plastic. Some cat also allergic from plastic bowls.

Are you provided suitable surrounding?

Unfamiliar surrounding is also major factor disturbing cat eating behaviors.  Environmental changes, presence of other pet and people moving around cat disturb cats while they eat.  So serve food in separate corner away from noisy surrounding.

Motion sickness due to Travelling:


Motion sickness become a reason when cat not eating food as it result in appetite.   Don’t insist it to eat food after travelling in car of plane.

Anxiety or depression:


Sometimes anxiety and depression seem in cat that is due to their limited life inside the home or separation from their parents or mate.  They have to need a change. Take them outside for walk or playing which release cheerful impact on their mode and them also able to enjoy their food.

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