7 Effective Home Remedies to Treat Dog Skin Allergies


Itching, red spot and irritation ale are symptoms of skin allergies. These allergies are due to skin dryness, bacterial or yeast infection.   Be careful when your dogs frequently scratch, chew and licking their paws and legs they have to face skin allergies. Allergies also caused due to food and environmental changes. Its take too much time and money   to treat dog allergies. Your veterinarians mar prefect long treatment that painful for you pet and also   for your pocket. Try to cure dogs from skin infections and irritation in home with home remedies. Here we bring few effective and quick result home remedies for dog allergies treatment.

Apple Cider Vinegar:


Apple cider vinegar is a gift of god for all humans and animals. Form ancient time Apple cider vinegar is used for medication and skin treatments. Its sensational home remedy used for medication. Its detoxifying properties is effective for dog skin allergies, dry itching and irritation is due to skin allergies so used Apple cider vinegar to cure this problem. Apple cider vinegar is anti-bacterial and anti- fungal remedies that sooth relief and removes skin allergies


Pure Apple cider vinegar in clean and dry spray bottle, any, and directly spray Apple cider vinegar on hot spots like paws, belly and legs and leave it to dry within 24 hours if you need quick result that it best to shave it coat prior to treatment.



Yogurt is another effective home remedy delightfully treats   dog skin allergies. Yogurt packed with anti-bacterial home remedy. It’s also have acidophilus that keeps good bacteria in dogs system that fight with killer bacteria to create intestine balance, its swiftly knocked out back bacteria’s and beneficial for yeast infections.  Give plain yogurt to eat as snack.


Chamomile Tea:


Disinfect dogs form skin allergies with Chamomile tea because Chamomile plant have disinfecting ingredient that good for minor skin issues. Just spray on infected areas after removing its coat. It immediately soothing your pet dog from skin itching or irritation as chilly Chamomile tea kills bacteria and yeast.



Oatmeal is one of successful home remedy used to treat skin allergies. It’s impressive home ingredients easily available in home. Oatmeal is beneficial for humans and dogs, if you dog face dry skin allergy of infection then oatmeal bating is best for it curing. Its remove redness and itching try this one. You must seem good result.

Epsom Salt:


Sometimes your find wounds and swelling on dog’s body that may caused to various issues one of them is skin allergy. Epsom salt is flawless home ingredient richly found in kitchen cabinets best for soothing wounds and swelling.



Make homemade heat pack to cure swelling.

A bath with Epsom water, Luke warm water and prescribed antibiotic helps to reduce swelling.

Soak dog in epsome salt and water mixture for five minutes twice day is also good.

Coconut Oil:


Yeast is also major skin issue generate during skin allergies treatment. Try to eliminate this problem with natural   product rather than chemical products. Coconut oil is amazing home remedy easily available in home. Coconut oils packed with lauric acid beneficial for skin allergies treated internally or externally. Apply few drops of coconut oil on infected areas as it remove dry skin allergy or mix coconut oil in food for internal treatment. Massage dog body with coconut oil just show in above.

Fish Oil:


Fish oil is also one of the best treatments for dry skin allergies or irritation. It has natural anti-inflammatory properties   good for skin allergies. Give one fish oil capsule two times in days. It quickly   removes skin irritation and makes it coat soft and silky.

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