10 Interesting Diy Bird Bathtub Ideas


Summer and fall are time of bride when they are more active and come in home garden. It feels pleasant to look bird flying in your garden. Their sweet voice is adorable music which refreshes your mind. In fall brides comes far away from wild life in your home garden need plenty of water to drink and bath. Summer is hottest weather that increases thirst of living creature.


When you plan to decorate, garden also keep bird bath tubs in mind while selecting plants and bird housed. Bride just needs a shallow batch. Put a bath tub in garden it will attracts lot of birds in birds. There is not restriction of season. Provide cool and fresh water bath in spring and summer days and heated water bath in winter and fall.    Hundreds of bird bathtubs introduced in market for feather y friend yet the real happiness lies in creating diy bathtub for birds.  Whenever birds come and take bath it will doubled you happiness and energies. Here we dispatched some awesome diy bird bathtub ideas easy to create.

Good-Looking Diy Concrete Bird Bathtub:


Ceramic diy crafted round shaped pedestal bird bathtubs with pebbles adornment provide natural spot to take bath. Circular and semi circular bathtubs bring artsy feeling in home architectural display. It’s playful and breathtaking bird bathtubs design hope you like it.

Creative Concrete Made Heart Shapes Bathtub For Birds:


Diy handmade concrete free standing bird bathtub bring inviting charm in home exterior especially in garden space. You can set it anywhere   in garden to provide fresh and cool water for bids bathing. Heart shaped  concrete crafted   bathtub is fascinating ideas that not only attract brides yet also captures sights of visitors. “My heart is in the garden” engraved on its pedestal.

Flower Printed Serving Bowl Birds Bathtub:


Search out an extra flower printed larger size serving bowl and take wood column and glue. Select a place where you desired to set birds bathtubs.  Select most visible place that may a flower bed.   Firstly fix column in ground and then pasted bowl on upper edge with glue. Balance is most important factor so be careful while crafting this bathtub.

 Diy Fountain Bird’s Bathtub:


Cool and chic fountain bathtub is bigger inspiration for bird lover.  Terracotta planter, water pipe, stone and platform saucer plate crafted diy fountain bathtub ensure you cool water availability all the day. It’s little difficult but more intellectual diy project which bring artistic and dreamy vibe in backyard and garden space. Birds attract more as it crafted with clay pots which give natural look.

Hand Craved Wood Log Bathtub:


It’s splendid and artistic bird bathtub bring natural vibe in garden which have no artificial touch grabs birds.  Its rustic style bathtub carved out of tree trunk.  Throw some stone in bowl and fill it with water. That pleasant and cool bathtub for bird set between plants in flower bed.

Rustic Inspired Twigs Bird Bathtub:


Bring rustic, vintage or Victorian accent through these charming and enthralling birds bathtub.  Large wood, plastic or glass bowl choose any one of your own choice and stacks from your garden.  Pastes stack wood columns with gorilla glue and let it to dry and then set in garden among the green plants.

Stacked Stone Bathtub For Birds:


Irregular shaped stone crafted stack and larger galvanized pan crafted garden bird bath tub which place under shadow of tree is more pleasant space for birds bathing. Bird must come to take rest, drink some water and also take shallow bath.   Keep some rocks or ceramic made birds in pans to grabs birds.

Diy Gem Stones Decorative Bathtub:


Diy ceramic pedestal bathtub which amazingly painted in whit color becomes opulent addition in garden decoration.  Adorn inside bowl bottoms with gem stones which appeals birds.  Take good quality glue and pasted gems stone in different patterns, floral, geometrical shapes and many more pattern used to decorate is enthralling bird bathtub.

Recycled Sink Bird Bathtub:


If you have old and useless salvaged bath or kitchen sink give it new life through this creative idea.  Wall mounted sinks is interestingly converted into bird bathtub that bring funky and whimsical charm n garden space.  Fixed sink with tree stamp and fill it with sea shells   which attracts birds. Its eye-pleasing bird’s feeder, drinker and bathtub bring chic charm in garden space. I love this idea.


Regularly clean bird bathtub twice in week to provide clean and health bathing spot.

Fill bowls with fresh and cool water in summer and spring days.

It’s better to provide heated water in cool and chill season.

It best option to place bathtub near feeders and plants.

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