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Zebra Finches as Active Pet



Zebra finch is the small sized finches that can poplar in the world. It is called zebra finch due to their features such as zebra print neck and chest. It can originate from Australia. It is attractive and social bird which reason people keep as pet. Their handling and keep is easier so, it is keep as pet commonly.

Life span;


Zebra finches approximately like span is 4 to 9 years.

Physical characteristic;


Zebra finch is tiny finch that can feature with grey colored with neck and abdomen with zebra print black and white colored. It can have pointy bill with brighten orange colored. Their wings are grey brown colored with white patches. Their male is also having orange cheek patch but female not keep this patch. Their body weight is 15 to 30 grams. Their body size is also 4 inches. Their body color is fawn, grey and white.

Personality traits;


Zebra finches are social and active bird. They can active in day time. This cute and social finch’s people keep as pet due their social and friendly behavior. They can easily close the people. So, it is preferring pet in your home. Zebra finches are best to keep as pairing pet.



When you keep as pet then provide supplemented food. They can eat greenery, vegetables, fruits, seed mix, grubs and egg food. When you keep as pet then take care of their proper diet. Pop corn nutria barriers are nutritional diet that is helpful for their good health.



Zebra finches handling is easier. It can placed on the palm of your hand and their wings supported with middle and index finger and other fingers are used for grip their neck and head.



When you keep indoor setting then their exercise is essential. For their exercise pull out their cage and their walking in closed room because they can fly it quickly. When you keep as pet then take exercise on daily basis.



Zebra finches are also need proper hosing. Their cage is made with wire and wooden made cage that is ready with horizontal bars. In their cage proper feeding pots, nesting box for breading is also places. In their cage a swing is also placed for their playing. Their cage is place away from directly sunlight.

Health and care;


Zebra finches is also need proper take care of their health. When you keep as pet then proper take care of their good health.

Health tips;


Balanced diet

Regular exercise

Daily bath

Cleaning their house

Clipping their nails

Regular clean their diet tray

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