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Yellow Color Singing Canary as Pet


Canary are domestic bird and well known with it yellow and red color. Canary becomes the favorite bird of every one due to its loud sound and singing. The bird canary is like the company of its own species. If you want canary bird as indoor you will need to give more attention. Canaries take one time sleep at night. Learn more about from below1

Life Duration:

Canary can enjoy life up to 10 years.

Personality & Behavior:


Canary bird has three basic characteristics like song, color, and appearance. Some breeds of canaries sing a specific song while other concert to skilled. Basically yellow to red body color are founded in canary breed. The other colors of canary are onyx, brown, bronze, mosaic, and ivory. Domestic canary are selected with a wide variety as brown, black, red, orange, white, and yellow. Canaries can bite you if they feel stress.



Canary as pet bird can easily live in a wide cage. Cage of canary should have horizontal bar that install with different height. Give permission to your pet canary that it can fly in the room properly. Give exercise to canary from door to door or room to room in the home. At night time cover the cage your per canary take easily sleep.



Wild canary eats the wide variety of feed like seed, vegetation, and grains. Mix diet give best health in the form of fruit, vegetables, and fresh water. These foods may be harmful for canary as lemon, sweet, potato, and avocado. Cuttlefish will give calcium, occasionally give an egg. All above define feeding help the canaries in maintain the body color and also best during pregnancy.

Sound & Speech:


Long and sweet sound canary get when it reaches at maturity age. Some exporter say before buying the canary first listen it sound. Most people want a canary as pet to enjoy its sound and singing.



Naturally canaries are like to play with toys that keep him mentally and physically healthy. You can provide a bath that either fixed in the cage or an outer cage bowl.



Whenever you feel that your pet canary not gives good response check the vet. Pox is common virus that falls down in canary by mosquito. For batter health follows the following instruction,

  • Provide balance diet
  • Give plenty of toys for playing
  • Regular exercise
  • Arrange water bowl in it cage



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