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Toucans are Expensive but Excellent Pet



Toucans are cute and brighten bird with long bill. They belong to Ramphastidae family. They are not parrot. Toucans are also having more than 40 different species within five genera. These are more expensive bird. Mostly rich and bird lover people keep as pet.

They can also five different genera such as;

Genus Adigena

Genus Ramphastos

Genus Aulacorhynchus

Genus Pteroglossus

Genus Selenidera

Life span;

Toucan’s life span is approximately 20 years in wild setting.

Physical characteristic;


Toucans are the short sized bird. Their tail is long that can varies round about their body. Their tail is half of their body size. They can also having small wings. Their neck is too short as compare to their beak. Their bill is long sized with multi coloration. Their tongue is also long as bill such as 6 inches. Their legs are too short but become stronger. Their first four fingers are turned in to back ward. Their body size and weight varies from genera to genera.

Personality traits;


Toucans are intelligent and gregarious bird. Their hearing ability is highly so, they can hear different voices on forest back ground. They can live in tropical and subtropical region. They can also playing bird. People like it their friendly behavior and keep as pet.



Toucans can eat fruits, insects, spider, lizard and egg of other bird nesting in forest setting. When you keep as pet then provide soft fruits because their long beak is soften so, they eat soften things.



They can live in tropical areas. So, when you keep as pet then keep in tropical gardens in outdoor setting. And also care about their housing in which proper flooring featured housing for their living. These are best pet and live indoor setting with proper cage. When you keep indoor setting then take care of their temperature. They can live freezing temperature in night and 100 degree in day. They are adjustable bird so, in summer or fall season they live outdoor setting.

Health and care;


Toucans are naturally quitter bird. For their good health provide playing activity. Light weight toys are best for toucans. They can throw their beak up and down and be happy with this toy playing. They can fall in bacterial infections so, take care of their health and provide antibiotics for their good health. They can also fall in dangerous disease such as

Round worms

Proventricular worm

Capillaria worms

Toucans as pet or not;

Toucans are expensive but excellent pet. They are more friendly and playful with their owner. They can sit on the shoulder and cuddle in their owner lap. They are more intelligent and curious about their surroundings. It cans also many advantages such as quitter and hears loud noises. Overall they are perfect pet that kept in their home.

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