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Sun Conures “Energetic Parrot” as Pet




Sun conures is the medium sized brighten shade parrot. It can also know as sun parakeet. It is originated from Northeastern South America. Sun conures are basically a social bird so people keep as pet. Both male and female are similar as their physical appearance. Typically they can live in flocks but now their threatened reason now people kept as pet.

Life span:


Sun conures average life span is 25 to 30 years.

Physical appearance:


Sun conures are medium-sized colorful parrot.  Both male and female species are given same look as their brightness. Sun conures are having rainbow spots of their body but brighten yellow, orange green, red and blue color appearance at their maturity age. They can also having yellow crowned. Their face and belly color is orange with red.  Their tali are also looking pretty with olive green and blue tip. Their flying wings are also in dark grayish colored. Their bill and feet is also in black colored. Their body weight is 110 gram. Their full body beak to tail size is 12 inches long.

Personality traits:


Sun conures are love bird so they attached with their owner with companionship. They can easily trainable. Sun conures are attention seeker parrots they can use their loud as attentive tool. Sun parakeets have sharp ability to use their feet as hand for eating and handling the item. Sun conures are playful and affectionate bird. People can like this behavior and keep as pet.



Sun conures is active and playful parrot so they need proper exercise. They are active for flying as their nature so when you can own as pet then provide proper space for flying and playing with out of their cage. You can provide safe place out of their cage. Spend most of their time with their pet for their healthy and long life



Sun conures are primarily like fruits barriers flowers and insect. As owner you should responsible to provide balanced nutritional diet for pet. You make sure provide pallet diet and also give fruits nuts barriers like fruits for their pet sun conures.



Sun conures are like to live in flocks. When you can own as a pet then take care of their housing. You should provide housing cage with aviary toys and swing embellishment. Feeders and waters are also more essential for their large sized living cage.

Sun conures as pet:


Basically sun conures are flocks birds but many years they can kept as pet in homes. They are active and playful bird as nature. When you can own as pet then proper take care of their feeding, housing, time spending and heath. They are attention seeker parrots so most of time spends with them.

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