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How to Stop Parakeet Bite Behave


Most common problem in pet bird is biting you. Parrots are large bite that some time gives serious injury you. You need to correct or remove this behave of bird. This biting behave develop in bird due to some reason like fear, playing, breeding, disturbance and so on. Following instruction more help you to remove the bird bite behave.

Bonding With Your Pet Bird:


If you are adopting the parakeet from young age you can easily stop it to bite. Make friendly behave with your loving bird .to do all this spend lots of time with it and train it that will become accustomed your hand. This will help you to prevent the pet bird from biting in young age.

Feed Parakeet With Own Hand:


If your parakeet associated your hand with positive behave, it will make him less likely to bite you. But if parakeet gets fear by your hand try using a spoon at first and then choking up on the hand. Place the spoon in your finger after passing time come on the palm. Now stop using of spoon and encourage your parakeet that eats from your hand.

Reward The Parakeet With Tasty Food:


You can make good behavior the parakeet with giving some tasty food. Do it after you become success to seat the parakeet on your hand. With treats or food as reward you can learnt your pet bird that don’t bite you.

Move Slowly With the Parakeet:


If you move too fast your parakeet get fear from you and can bite you. So you must move slowly around it if you want to learn it that doesn’t bite. Don’t place the cage near the family because too much communication disturbs it.

Stay Calm If Parakeet Bites You:

Anytime suddenly if parakeet bites you and you quickly remove the hand, this reaction encourages or hoping the bird that again bites you or continues the behavior. Be sure to still calm if bird bites you, simply cover the cage.

Talk Softly With Bird:


Proper interaction with your pet bird is must taming it. Always make soft talking around the bird not shouting because if bird cheater than adopt this behave and create problem for you.

Trains The Parakeet Sit On Your Finger:


Train your parakeet to perch on your finger with freely mood. Try to be aware with parakeet mood than train it. Put your finger on bird chest slightly it will don’t hurt it but loose balance. Bird flies away try again on next day. Practice these steps every day until bird become comfortable on your finger. This behave help you to make end bird biting activity. Finger train does always out of the cage.

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