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Scarlet Chested Parakeets as Affectionate Pets



Scarlet chested parakeets are also known as splendid parakeets. They can native in southern and Western Australia. These are grass parakeets. It is small sized cute colorful parrot due to this reason people keep as pet. Male Scarlet chested parakeets are brighter as compare to female. Female can also same but some changes that can separate their sex with male parakeet.

Life span;

Scarlet chested parakeet’s life span is approximately 10 to 15 years.

Physical characteristic;


Scarlet chested parakeets are small sized cute parakeet. Their body size is 8 inches. Their weight is also less than 2.5 ounces at the age of maturity. It is rainbow colored good looking parakeet. It can look beautiful as scarlet chest, blue face and brighten green upper parts. Male Scarlet chested parakeets are also having red chest with yellowish bally and sky blue under feathers. Female Scarlet chested parakeets are also similar as male but they cannot have red chest their chest is green color.

Personality traits;


They can also tame and loving parakeets which based people keep as pet. Scarlet chested parakeets are active bird. They cannot demand bird so, people keep as pet with in sophisticated way. They can spend their time on floor walking.



They are grass eater birds. They are wild birds so, usually the can eat grass, seed based food and green leafy feed. When you keep as pet then provide fresh fruits, leafy vegetables, barriers, and flowers for their good health. Their diet is easily available at home. So, people keep as pet this brighten parakeet.



Scarlet chested parakeets like floor walking. When you keep as pet then take care of their exercise. You should pull out their parakeet on their cage for floor walking on daily basis. 3 to 4 hours is must for their exercise with proper care.



If you keep as pet then provide proper housing cage. This cage size is 1200 mm long and 600mm wide with proper food and water dishes. Also provide some space for breading. In this cage can also provide toys and swing for enjoying.

Health and care;


When you keep as pet then proper take care of their health. Provide fresh food plenty of water and toys for playing. You should also take proper vaccination. If they can fall in any illness then provide proper medication and supplements for their good health.

Scarlet chested parakeets as pet;

Scarlet chested parakeets are loving and affectionate pet that are also good companion of their owner. It is the special reason that people can keep as pet. They can also develop bounding with their loving owner. If you keep as pet then follow all above mention instructions with in sophisticated way and keep as pet.

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