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Rose-Breasted Cockatoo- Galahs as Pet


Galahs scientifically named as Eolophis Roseicapillus are smaller breed of cockatoo originated in Australia widely spread in all countries of its native land. Eolophis Roseicapillus are cacatuidae subfamily member gain popularity as pet due to its distinctive look. They amazingly become playful and energetic pets tamed easily and getting attention from its talkative abilities.

Other Name:


Rose-breasted cockatoo

Galah cockatoo

Roseate cockatoo

Pink and grey galah



Galahs are generally well adopted cockatoo breed found in central Australia. These cockatoos become popular pet breed in coastal regions. Beside its mainland these birds also introduced in Tasmania where it attracts peoples through pink and grey plumage and loud talking behaviors. They are good talker.



Galahs are smaller cockatoo breed approximately 14 inch longer with a weight of 270-350 gram. Pale pink crest and rump   are visible features when we talk about its appearance.  Mid-grey to pale silver back and pink face make it beautiful.   If we discuss overall feather colors of Galahs parrot then there are three colors such s pink, grey and whitish–pink. Male Roseate cockatoo eyes color is black while female’s eyes color is brown. Grey legs, bone color beak also distinctive features of galahs.



Galahs as smart, adorable and lovely birds have bubbly personality. They are affectionate, gentle, loving, and intelligent and socialized. They enjoy human companies.  Galahs are good learned easily learn new tricks to impress their owner.  Rose –breasted cockatoo are robust bids easily adjust in every situation. They also adopt environmental changes.

Life Span:


Average life expectancy of Galahs Eolophis Roseicapillus is more than 50 years nearly 70-80 years.

Breeding Ability:


There is excellent ability of breeding in Galahs as there are 3 to 4 eggs in one clutch. They create stronger and lifelong bound with their mate.



Roseate cockatoo are amazing pet easily adjust in new environment. They also love to live in urban areas.  You can place them in aviary and cage.  Galahs are garden and indoor pet have low voices then other cockatoos.  Provide clean water, health food along with natural habitat by adding tree branched, perches and chewing. They have chewing abilities so provide chewing toys to keep them busy.  Galahs like to live in flocks as they are excellent ability of socialization.  You can keep a pair of galahs with neighbor birds.   Outdoor aviary is idea spot for galahs.


In wild life galah feeding on grasses, herbs, seeds, nuts, berries and leaf buds. Sometimes these cockatoos eat insects and larvae to get additional proteins during breeding season.  You can feed grains, cereal crops, sunflower seeds and fruits to your pet galahs.  Serve food in clean and wider dishes.  It‘s best to give mix diet to your pet such as grasses, leafy vegetables, oats, fruits.

Health and Care:


Galahs cockatoos need plenty of fresh water. Just occasionally bath is enough for grooming. Keep water bowl in cage to tend them for bathing as its keeps their feather in good position.  These birds are healthy and active bird eventually prone to major health problem.  Dry eyes and nostrils issue are common in galah cockatoos.


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