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Is it right to own cardinal as pet?


Northern Cardinal is attractive bird gripping your entire interest through its pleasant sound and lovely appearance. Northern Cardinal is also known as redbird and common cardinal originated to southern Canada. They also look from in eastern American to Maine Texas. Wood lands swamps, shrub lands and garden are the favorite habitat because there they found adequate placing for nesting and enough food.



Northern Cardinal is cute and lovely songbird makes pleasant and cheerful sounds. Male redbird is gradually hopped from branch to branch and makes fine sounds.  Whenever you evolve in working during office time cute sounds getting your attention, is a sound of Cardinal bird sitting outside the window in garden. Their bubbly and giggling songs are repeated both by male and female during meeting season especially when female left the nest for taking food. When she leaves the nest sang after few second of its departure male bird comes to the nest. They make clear sound just like melodious whistle in song pattern.

Physical appearance:


Medium size redbird is attractive creature having 21-23 cm longer body with distinctive crest on face and head. Pulsating red male cardinal have blasé marks while reddish red female cardinal has grey marks.

Life span:

In wild life redbird is live about 13-15 year while they live up to 25 years in captivity.

Clutch size:


Songbird laid eggs 2-4 times in a year. Each clutch consists of three to four eggs.

Is it Legal or illegal?


In united state cage birds are band to breed in homes as native bird can’t survive in retro life.  Cardinal bird is legal to keep redbird as pet if you get proper licensing from local authority or wildlife rehabilitator.  You have to prove that you are able to nurse cardinal bird.  In European countries northern cardinal bred as aviary bird.



Redbirds are cute and lovely birds have protective and territorial nature for defending their territory.  Male cardinal sound loudly  and goggling from tree to tree or branch to branch when transgressor  entered in their territory even they  fight with their own reflection. They are good parents honestly complete their duties.

Living condition:


Northern cardinal is native breed live in wood forest, parks and gardens.  You can attract redbird in your garden with good feeder and water bowls.  They bird and also suitable of aviary but you have to provide natural environment. Provide predator free surrounding with lot of greenery. They love nandina bush so it better to keep these planter in aviary. Cardinal do not like to stay in single nest double time so when they stat new matting season they made new one.   Dry leave, twinges and dry grass is richly used by cardinal to make their nest. They select small bush, lower briar even in middle of garden. They love drinking and bathing so keep larger size water bowl   with full time water supply.



Northern cardinal eats seeds, grains and fruits. They are granivorous but love fruits and insects. They have stronger bill that is perfect for seed eating.  Small berries like nandina berries, grapes are more favorite foods.  Provide plenty of food in verity to keep them happy.


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