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Rainbow Lorikeet ‘’Affectionate Parrot’’ As Pet




Rainbow lorikeet is the sweet species of parrots. They belong to Australia. They can have about 22 subspecies. This beautiful as their appearance a companion parrot. They can also known as ‘’rainbow lory’’. As pretty parrot people keep as pet in their home. When you can keep as pet then proper take care about their health housing feeding and grooming.

Life span;


Rainbow lorikeet average life span is above 30 years.



As their name beautiful rainbow colored parrot is medium sized parrot. Rainbow lorikeet parrot average size is average 25 to 30 cm. beak to tail feathers. Their body weight is 75 to 157 gm. As their appearance rainbow color coat with their head is deep blue colored with greenish yellow collar. Their chest is in red colored with blue barring. Their body upper part such as back wings and tail is in deep green colored. Their beak is also in orange color in adult age. Their feet are also grey black colored.

Personality traits:


Rainbow lorikeets are affectionate and friend parrot and easily attached with human beings. They live happy around the people and their owner. They cannot feel shy with people. They are also playful parrot species. They can also need exercise and playing. They are attention seeker parrots. When you can own as pet then take care of them and give proper time.



Rainbow lorikeet is the active and playful parrot. They can require plenty of exercise for their physical and emotional health. They can need large space living condition for flying and climbing. On regular basis they required 3 to 4 hours out of their cage for playing.



Rainbow lorikeets diet is different from other pets. They can eat fresh fruits such as orange banana, melon, and apples. They can also like flowers such as hibiscus. Seed diet is not suitable for them because they are unable to crush seeds. Juice mixed powder diet is also formulated the lorry diet.



Rainbow lorikeet can required large sized cage for living flying and climbing. Their large sized cage is decorated with aviary decoration, toys, food and water pots, swings and many other required items.

Health and care:


Rainbow lorikeets are basically healthy parrot. When you can keep as pet then take care of their health conditions. In warm weather you must change their fruits. Specially take care fruits are not left in their cage because they can cause of infected bacteria’s. When you own rainbow lorikeet then take care of them each and every requirement.

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