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Rainbow Chattering Lory Love Bird Life Facts

Chattering Lory is colorful rainbow bird. These love able bird like to play around her owner and you can train it. Keep Lory reserved from the toddler but generally these birds are active and fun pet bird. Its surprise for you that Lory is high energy birds with its loud sound. For Learnt more about chattering Lory pet bird scroll down the page.


Red Lory can enjoy life more than 30 years if proper diet and care give it.



Chattering Lory has 30 cm body length. Its body in red color that go down at head and beak come in orange color. The eyes of chattering Lory are gray with orange red iris. With green thighs and green wings, angle yellow wings it look so cute. Lory legs are in dark gray color with tipped green tail that makes it well known. Yellow area on back of Lory depends on its species.



Rainbow Lory likes to play around the owner with bushy tail. Chattering Lory is relish time out of the cage during play. It is so excited and intelligent bird not shy. It only bite you when it get fear or out of excitement. If you left alone the Lory then it will develop behavioral disorder. You should allow the guardian that keep care of colorful Lory when it will out of the cage. Pet Lory is hanging up sight and down side of their owner with great love.

Sound & Speech:


You can learn your pet Lory to talk it will express with loud sound. Its loud sound also alerts the neighbor. Chattering Lory has loud nasal whistle that it make morning time when sunrise and then in evening before the sun turn. Lory can make sound like telephone, dripping faucets, sirens, and microwave beep.



Before selection of the cage keep in minds that the width of cage has much importance instead of length. Try to buy 18 inch high cage of Lory. As earlier we say you that these are intelligent bird so like to play with toys. Arrange the different style of baby toys like ball, swings, mirror, and blocks in Lory cage.



Pet Lory lie to take liquid diet, its brush tongue allow him to eat nectar. Lories can eat specific fruit in which pollen grain, nectar, insects, are also include. You can also feed the mealworms to your pet Lory. Always keep care that chopped green and yellow vegetable provide your pet Lory with fresh fruit demand.



For keep clean and good looking the Lory give bath. In winter weather when too much misted allow the pet Lory that go in sun or warm room. You can arrange a bowl or a bird bath in the bird cage. These birds can quickly fly so keep care and cut their clipped as it cannot fly, but as not short that it cannot move on floor. General diseases that fall down in Lory are,

Liver disease

Feather disease

Psittacine beak



In case of above mention disease checkup the Lory to vet.



Keep separate the chattering Lory from other bird during breeding season. You can hang the nest box in vertically or horizontal that not exceed two inch. Female Lory laid 5 to 6 eggs that hatch after 25 days. Male spend most time at the nest and share feeding with chicks. After 7 to 8 weeks the chicks become able can fly.

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