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Quite-Natured Lady Gouldian Finches as Pet




Gouldian finches are rainbow colorful birds that can also known as lady gouldian finches. They can native from grassland Australia. Lady Gouldian finch naturally quit bird that can prefer as pet. Colorful brighten soft noise quit finch are center of attention on people at home so people like it keeping as pet.

Types of gouldian finches:


Here are three common types of gouldian finches that can differentiate with one another through their head color.

Red headed

Yellow headed

Black headed

Life span:


Lady Gouldian finch can have approximately 6 to 8 year life span.

Physical appearance:


Lady Gouldian finches are small sized brighten shade bird. It can also know as rainbow finches. They are in black green yellow and red marking. Their body length is 5 to 6 inches top to toe such as their beak to tail feathers. Male bread is in brightening color as compare to female. Females are less brightened in colors. Their chest is in purple color and female chest is lighter shade as mauve colored chest. Their head sides and neck is in grey colored. Their feathers and wings are in olive green colored.  Their feats and legs are in light brown color. As a whole multi colored small sized cute finches.

Personality traits:


Gouldian finches are social bird they can live happily with other finches. Their human interaction is very low. They like other bird and live happy with them. When you own as pet then keep in mind keep it up in pairs and small flocks.



Lady Gouldian finches are also active and happy bird similar as other finches. They need plenty of exercise and flying. When you can own as a pet then take care of them and provide large space for flying out of their cage. They feel happy when they fly. Their cage is also large space where they can easily fly. Flying is the key of their healthy life.



Lady Gouldian finch like seed based diet. When you can own as a pet then provide seed based diet and supplemented food such as fresh fruits and vegetables. Fresh food makes healthy your pet.



Lady Gouldian finches can habitat tropical woodland. They live like on trees and flowery areas. So, when you can own a pet then take care of their housing. You should provide proper housing cage with all needy accessories. Large size cage is decorated with aviary bird feeders and waters toys swing and cuttlebone for their beak and nail healthy.

Health and care:


Gouldian finches are also basically healthy bird but they can prone air-sac mite infection. It is serious illness of their finches so treated well with veterinary treatment. If this disease treated early stage then cure. When you can own as pet then proper take care of them. If you’re pet finches indulge in this disease then early cure and take away from their veterinary doctor.


Lady Gouldian finches are small sized quite natured finches. Colorful appearance can attractive for everyone. On the basis of their beauty and nature can popularize in peoples and keep as pet.

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