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Pionus Pet Parrot with Intelligent Calm Personality

Pionus parrot are in medium size and native to Mexico. These parrots have chunky body, square shape short tail, bare eye in ring form. Male and female generation look like same due to this fact it become difficult to find their sex. All Pionus has red color in their feathers that make them prominent among other species. Most popular Pionus parrots are so pretty. Learn more about Pionus scroll down the page clearly every thins describe in clear mood for your more help.

Life Duration:

Life of Pionus parrot is 25 to 40 years.



Scaly headed parrot

Blue headed parrot

Bronze winged parrot

White crowned parrot

Dusky parrot

Speckle faced parrot



Pionus are lovely and gentle bird that you can make as a family pet. These species of bird make friendly and fun relation with their owner. With their calm and intelligent personality you can easily maintain them in house. Needs of toys for entertainment purpose become essential for Pionus in their cage. If you want to learn these parrot learnt but no more. Less noise creates these birds and keep you relax when you watch TV or make gossip with friends.



Pionus parrot make great deals of friendship with other birds. They don’t have bite habit but when other disturbs it will bite on your skin.



Pionus pet parrot are good eaters. You can provide fresh fruits and vegetable to your pet Pionus parrot. But keep care of their diet sometime parrot get over weight.



Pionus are active parrot so give largest space for make easy movement. These parrots can fly perch to perch so you should construct their cage with playing space addition. Allow your pet Pionus come out of cage three hours every day. Several time Pionus take bath in this way their feathers remain in good condition.



Deficiency of vitamin-A make Pionus parrot ill. Fungal infection like problem can develop in parrot, so consult with your veterinarian in this condition. He will best inform you about your parrot health.

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