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Pet Budgies Training Tricks Learning Ideas


Budgies are lovely and playful pet birds who keep as pet in home setting. When you can own budgies then their training and taming is also essential thing. A new budgies s not socialized for any one. It can afraid anyone so you should tame and train for socializing. When you can train your pet budgies then it can handle any kind of situation. Budgies are more intelligent birds so they can easily trained.

Tips for training:


Here are some tips to follow before trained your budgies.

•    3 to 4 month Budgies is able to training so when your budgie reached at this age then starting training.
•    Each training session at least 15 to 20 min.
•    Positive reinforcement gives your budgies during training.
•    Take care about their basic needs.
•    Provide good food before starting training.
•    Do not give punish your budgies when it makes any mistake.

Training session beginning:


Before the training session you should some things keep in your mind.
•    Trust building
•    Hand taming technique
•    Fully handling tricks
•    learn talking

Learning to speak:


Before the physical training speaking is most important.
•    Firstly teach its name
•    Extend their vocabulary
When your pet is able to speak then physical training is starting.

Step by step training techniques:

When starting the training then you can used step by step training technique is used for good and appropriate training.

•    Trim the feathers before training:


When you can start their budgies training then trim their wing feathers. In this way you can satisfy not flying the budgie. In this way you can easier and safely to training and taming. When rim their feather it can dependent on them and easily follow up your suggestion and play the act quickly.

•    Coming out the cage:


When you can teach your budgies come out the cage. Two methods are possible first you can handle and keep out the cage your budgies and next method some treat keep outside the cage and open the door of their cage.  In this way your budgies try to wear the treats and try to fly and reached at the food trey.

•    Teach the directions:


You can teach your budgies directions with on and off your finger to up and down direction. When you can learn any step then give positive reinforcement like treats after fulfilling the step. Repetition s also must keep during earn the direction.

•    To keep balance on tennis ball:


After learn the direction, you should to teach keeping balance on tennis ball in cage and outside the cage. Try to sit your budgie on the top of the tennis ball and handle their body and keep balance on this ball. Repetition method is more effective for learning this step. You should give a treat your budgies with every step to balance their feet on this ball.  10 to 15 min is enough for learn any trick per day. Leave the ball n your budgies cage for trying he maintains their body balance on this ball.

•    Learn Climb on ladder:


To learn the climb on ladder must tale a plastic pet budgies ladder. Budgie tries to climb the ladder when you can say word climb and their can associate your word with their action. Firstly your pet budgies understand your instruction and follow up your suggestion step by step climb the ladder step.

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