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Sensible Peach Face Love Bird Life


Peach face parrot are well known with other name like lovebird, rosy-faced bird or rosy-collared bird. Rosy collared parrot are native to southwestern Africa. These parrots congratulate the life with small family with its loud pitch. Plumages are identical point between male and female breeds. Lovely face artistic look peach face parrot are ready to keep as pet. If you don’t give some week attention then these birds become snappish. Know more about peach face parrot lie from below images.

Life span:

Rosy face loveable bird life span is 18 years.



Peach face bird have small body 17 to 28 cm long. Average weight of this bird is 106 mm. attentive peach face bird tail length is 44 to 52 mm. peach colors make sparkling look on face to throat and dark head to eyes. Iris brown legs with gray feet these parrot look lovely. Mostly body color of lovebird is green and other color range come almost black to white. The shade of their head sometime lay down in blue, green, yellow, and violet face.

Behavior & personality:


Peach face parrot are attentive and loveable bird. These parrots are always kept ready to play due to energetic body features. These birds create deep love with other pet and also with owner. Lovebirds are call with their shrieking and harsh voice. You give them best attention otherwise these become snappish.

Sound & voice pitch:


The voice of peach bird is not terrible but gives response in whistling and chattering form in early morning. When these parrot become much excited then above like description make voice. If you want to learn how they make whistle peach faced bird can understand it.



You can provide diet in the form of seed, vegetable, plentiful fruit, berries, dries figs. If peach face bird don’t eat then apply different ways to force them to eat meal. Use stainless steel pots to give food to love bird.



For breeding purpose find out the pair become difficult. Find out the sex in these birds is difficult task. Male construct the house within the house roof and female laid 4 to 6 eggs. During the February to April mother parrot laid eggs. The chick comes out the egg after 23 years. Baby of peach face parrot get the young age just in 43 days.



If you give continue seed diet to lovebird then it will become ill. Keep care to give multi food every day. Food full of calcium should be given when mother parrot laid eggs.

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