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Pacific Parrotlet Are Amazing “Pocket Parrot” Pet


Pacific parrotlet also known as “pocket parrot” due to its smaller size are too smaller than other species as they easily sit in your pocket. Pacific parrotlet are originated to Ecuador and Peru, South American countries, mostly found in natural habitat of tropical and sub tropical dry forest. Pacific parrotlet are paittacoidea family member which also recognized second smaller group of parrots.

Life span


Pacific parrotlet average life expectancy is 10-20 years.



Pacific parrotlet are smaller size parrots approximately have 4.5- 5.5 inches (10-14cm) long. These parrots are in olive green and grey bodies colors look attractive with smaller light blue smudge on back of the eye. Male Pacific parrotlet have yellowish green face while female have green face   and blue and cobalt in their wings.



Pacific parrotlet are playful, soft sound and curious pet.   These parrots are highlight intelligent learn anything quickly during training. They are social animal and enjoy human company. They desired plenty of attention and time of their owner. Pacific parrotlet are quite companion make less voices   that why they are favorite pet among apartment living families. Pacific parrotlet are willful pet bound to their owner. It’s better to bring just one in home and avoid to bring pair as they may closely bound for your exclusion.



Pacific parrotlet stay with other group of bird within larger aviary but it better to keep them in spread aviary. Place   chewing equipment, plenty of time to plays along with food and water dish.



Pacific parrotlet are good eater   as they need 30%-50% pellets of their total everyday diet, they also eat cereals, grains like barley, wheat, rice, couscous, oat, and quinoa. Fruit tree blouson, flowers, green leaves, vegetables and fruits are bigger part of their diet. Provide their favorite food in variety. Beet leaves, turnip leave, parsley and Spanish occasionally add in their diet to change taste.



Pacific parrotlet are low sound yet they are amazing learner due to high level of intelligence. They learn more than 15 words. They whistle   to sing songs just like cockatiel birds. They quickly learn command like “I love you”, “good guy” and other commands. Pacific parrotlet are not speaking birds just those parrot speak whom owner sped lot of time with them. Researcher say owner who spend 10-15 minutes   thrice in a day give result in few days then other.


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