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Owner Love Quaker Parrot As Pet

Pet lover you question is do Quaker parrot make good pet the answer is in “yes” form. Small sizes Quaker are native to South America and grow in different body color. Early speaking ability of Quaker bird make them best or favorite parrot of every one. These parrots are well known with other names like parakeets, moniker, monk parrot and Quaker. With these reasoning you can pick up or buy the parakeet or Quake parrot.

Reasoning of Quaker Parrot as Pet:

Have Ability To Chat:

Quaker parrot are able to make chat with you. These parrots can easily understand your spooking words. Endearing qualities of Quaker parrot make efficiency for making as a great pet. Parrot can spoke 500 words.

Love Bird:


Quaker parrot with their pretty beauty show great love and affection. You can easily touch all around their body.

Bonding With Favorite Owner Family:


These parrot bond to their favorite family member and like to live with them. As much as you spend more time with Quaker bird and don’t disturb him it will develop high love with you.

Hearty Quicker Personality:

Due to hearty personality of Quaker parrot these make best pet bird. Parrot follow the learning you want to give them.

Life of Quaker Parrot:

As other parrot species Quaker parrot particularly enjoy their life round about 20 to 30 years. If you take proper care of pet Quaker then their life span can exceed.

Personality of Quaker Parrot:


As compare to other bird Quaker are relatively small in size. Parakeet parrot are 29 cm long and get average long length 48 cm. Quaker parrot grow with bright green feathers detailing. Dark blue tail of Quaker is in long form. Not need of large space but if you provide then it will sufficient for their long life. These parrots have different color mutation. Quite abnormal and disturbing look actually add in Quaker parrot personality. If you keep them alone then these become depressed.

Speech & Sound:


Despite the Quaker parrot name these are silent bird! But generally monk parrot make noise and sometime disturb the neighbor. People that take solid sleep also can awake under the Quaker parrot sound. If you know the best quality of Quaker then Quaker parrot make excellent talkative with you. You can train your parrot and taught him words that you want.

Diet & Care:


Like other birds Quaker parrot also have a capacity to become over weight. As you are giving high quality seed to your pet Quaker parrot also arrange the fresh fruit, vegetable, leafy green on daily bases. Keep care that Quaker don’t eat other seed like sunflower, peanuts, because these make the parrot overweight. Try to give fresh diet of Quaker parrot.



Quaker parrot lay down the six to eight eggs. During breeding season Quaker parrot reluctant to nest and prefer to boxes.



Common health problem also face Quaker parrot with feather destructive. Liver disease, plucking out feather, unassociated high diet like disease creates health issue for monk parrot. Under the last description of Quaker parrot you should check the parrot to Vattern

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