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Myna Bird as Active and Curious Pet




Myna is a popular lovely bird. It is native from southern Asia like India. Myna is also an Asian bird and belongs to the starling family. It also looking like a crow.  It can also know as talking bird.  Myna is also having 11 sub-specious. Most of myna is also monomorphic means male or female same appearance.

Life span:


Myna approximately life span is 10 to 20 years.

Physical characteristic:


Myna is medium sized bird.  It is pretty as their appearance.  Glossy black plumage color myna is looking beautiful. Their beak is brightening orange with yellow tips. Their wings are also in white speculum. Their smart legs and feet are also in yellow colored.  Their coat color is the blending of purple green and turquoise. These colors can blend and bring shinny plumage coat that can inspire myna keepers and keep as pet. It can also having yellow wattles below their eyes and around their neck.  It can also know as crow like appearance. Their body size is maximum 9 inches.

Personality traits:


Myna is also known as talkative bird. Myna bird is curious and active bird.  It is lovely and social pet. Common myna is also attached with their owner. They are basically a healthy pet so people like to keep as their appearance and behavior.



Myna bird can love to bathing. They take bath twice a day. It can like self grooming with water dish shaking their head and their wings.  When you can keep as pet then take care of their bathing and grooming.  You should provide large size water dish inside the cage for bathing and enjoying. Their self grooming is also a source of pleasure of their pet myna. They can also shake their head for water get out on their ears and clear their nostrils.  You can also groom your pet myna if you can handle it.



Myna bird is live in wide space cage. When you can keep myna as pet in home setting then make large size maximum 3 to 4  feet cage. Their cage is designed with 2 feet deep and 2 feet high cage. A nesting box is needed for myna resting and lying egg. In large size cage corner nesting box is recommended for pet myna keeper. You can also place card board paper under the cage for your pet foot resting and sleeping. Bird feeders waters and toys are also fixed in this cage for their eating and playing in this cage.



Myna eats low iron based food and eat soft bills pallet that can provide vitamin and minerals. Theses vitamins and minerals provide energy to live healthy life. Most of myna eats fruits and vegetables and also eat seeds. They can eat ripped fruits such as apple peach guava grapes mango papaya and many other fruits. They also eat green vegetables like pea’s broccoli sweet potato and green beans. It can also need fresh water but give steamed water not directly tap water when you can keep as pet then take care of their diet and provide healthy food.

Health and care:


Myna basically a healthy bird but it can face some diseases like Hemochromatosis and Hemosiderois. When you’re pet myna falling in these disease then show some signs which to diagnose their disease. Loss of appetite, decrease their activity level, weight loss, sneezing, sitting at the bottom of their cage and laziness are the main signs of their disease.    If your pet myna is fell in these diseases then quickly take out the veterinary doctor.

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