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Moustache Parakeets Life Fact

Moustache Parakeets has common name red-breasted parakeet, java parakeet, and moustache parakeet. The scientific name that get moustache is “Psittacula Alexandri”. These birds can make sweet voice, pet moustache are active, intelligent bird like to spend most time in play. Owner attention need to these per bird. Get best knowledge about moustache from below!

Life span:

Moustache parakeets can live 25 years if keep them with proper care.

Body size:


Generally moustache parakeet body size is lay between 14-15 inches. This body length comes under beak to tail feather tips. Slender like body shape you see in moustache.

Body color:


Red moustache parakeet shows rainbow color in their body. Bird backs and wings are different with green and yellow hues. Pet moustache has powder blue heads with black color strips that lay down on above and below of beaks. Upper side of break is in orange color while rose colored breast with bluish-turquoise legs and belly help in easy finding the moustache. These pet bird feet skin is in gray color with lovely greenish-blue tail feather. A thin black color band found between the eyes and wider on each side of face. An immature bird has black beak and green chest.



You can give a variety of food to their pet moustache in which include high-quality pellet and seed are mix. Fresh food and vegetable are also a best diet for healthy moustache. These pet birds are well known with good “eating habit”. When you want to give seed to Petra makes sure these are unsalted, unsweetened. Remove unwanted feeding from bowl when you give fresh food.



Moustaches are quiet lovely bird. Owner should arrange plenty f toys in pet bird cage in which swing activities are include. Allow your moustache enjoy outside cage only 4 hours. Chew habit found in moustache so give him safe toys that satisfied the bird. Put the water bowl in bird cage because they also like to make splash in water during hot days.



If you want to enjoy long life of your moustache bird than clean the cage every day. Food and water bowl washed and then fill with fresh food. Cage should be wide in which bird makes easy movement and enjoy swing. Everything in cage make dry after cleaning before a bird comes in the cage. You need to confirm that bird enjoy in cage and don’t bore.



Generally moustache laid 2 to 24 eggs that are incubated within 24 days. Young can fly after 52 days and reached maturity age between 2 to 3 years. Just 9 month young live with their parents after they will ready for again breed.



Make contact with vet that has lots of experience about bird health. Special check up of pet bird is best for their good health. If you keep care of your pet with full attention than chances of their ill become less. Whenever your moustache need nail or break trim give prefer to vet that will do best.

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