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Loyal bird ‘Pionus Parrot’ as Pet




Pionus parrot are medium sized similar to Amazon parrot. It is originated from Mexico. They can also known as red-vented parrot. They are excellent pet parrot at home setting. They are energetic and gentle parrot. Due their reason people like it and kept at their home.

Pionus common species;

Pionus parrot are having number of common species such as;

Scaly headed parrot

White crowned parrot

Red billed parrot

Blue headed parrot

dusky parrot

Bronze winged parrot

Speckle faced parrot

Life span;

Pionus parrot are life range approximately 25 to 40 years.

Physical appearance;


Pionus parrot is medium sized parrot look like Amazon parrot. Their size is approximately 10 to 12 inch including short square tail. They can also having flashing eye ring around their eyes. Pionus parrot are also having red feather under the tail. Brighten shade parrot also having vast range of coloring. In which most common pet parrot is blue headed parrot which can without sexual dimorphism. Both male and female are look like same physical characteristic.

Personality traits;


It is generally a quit parrot. Pionus become family parrot. It cans also one person bird. They can bind only one person of the family. They are devoted to their owner. Pionus parrot are not a good talking parrot. Pious parrot are social parrot which they can ideal pet. They are involved with the children. They can loyal with their owner. In pionus parrot have rare bite quality which can differentiate the other bird.



Pionus parrot can have quick adapted ability. So, they learn fastly art starting. When you can handle and trained firstly get trust on him then trained your parrot. Repetition and frequently is a key to quick learning. When you can train your pet parrot then repetition is must.



Pionus parrot are like fruits and vegetable. Guava is the favorite fruit of pionus parrot. Their main diet is Lafeber’s premium daily pallet and Nutri-berries. When you keep as pet then take care of their healthy food.



When you keep as pet then they can required proper housing cage in bird room. Their cage is arranged an organized way. Their living cage is arranged with medium-sized such as 100 to 150 cm high and 60 to 100 cm their flooring space. Their cage is arranged with food dishes, perches, playing toys, swings, rope and many other playful items for their housing.


When you can keep on cage then maintains is also essential. Cleaning on their cage is must on daily basis. Their floor cleaning is must in a week. Cleaning is most important for their good health and saves from bacteria.

Health and care;


Pionus parrot basically a healthy parrot but they can having some health problems. Fungal infection and aspergillosis disease is most common in this bread so, proper veterinary check up is must.

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