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Lovely Ring-Necked Dove as Affectionate Pet




Ring neck dove is the small sized affectionate bird. So, it can easily to keep as pet. It is the half collared dove so they can also called collared dove. They can belong to east and southern Africa. Ring neck dove can also known as turtle dove.

Life span:


Their life span approximately recorded 15 to 20 years.

Physical description:


It is the small sized cute bird due to their beauty people also keep a pet. Their body is featured with grayish brown colored that can plumage with lavender tone on the belly. Their lower belly is in white color. Their collars can also half circle due to their sign is called ring necked dove. Their body size is 11 inches total. Male dove can larger as compare to female dove. Their weight is 92 to 188 gram. Their eye color is black and bill also black. Their feet can also in dark purple colored.

Behavior aspects:


Ring neck dove is active and good natured bird. There for people like it and kept as pet. Ring necked dove is friendly and they can attached with their owner with gentle handling. When you keep as pet then choose single dove but they can also happy with pair.



When you can keep as pet then take care of their housing cage. You should provide their pet dove 5 feet high and 32 inches large cage for good living. In this cage all need y items such as food and water dishes, wooden branches good aviary and newspaper or wooden covered floor of their cage. Luxurious housing cage provide comfort f or their pet dove.



Ring necked doves are seed eater. They can like high quality seeds. When you can keep as pet then take care of their diet. 10 to 15 percent protein can also give for their good health. They can also eat chopped apple, greenery, mash sweet potato and broccoli. If you can get calcium in their body then provide egg and oyster shells.



Ring neck dove is easy to handling and kept as pet. They can good trainer bird and their handling so easy. When you keep as pet then they can attached with their owner and follow the instruction of their owner.

Health and care:


Ring neck dove is the healthy bird. But they can fell in some disease due to any deficiency and any problem. They can prey strains of salmonella bacteria, protozoan infection and intestinal disease. When you keep as pet then take care of their good health and take their veterinarian and treat well early as possible.

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