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Large-Headed Kingfisher as Pet


Kingfisher is attractive and bright color bird belongs to Alcedinidae family and aves class. These are tropical bird lives in forest and along the   bank of rives and lack. Kingfisher is   breed in aviculture that little harder but some Kingfisher lover do it nicely.

Physical Description:


Kingfisher is smaller to medium side bird averagely 4-8 inches longer.  Their bright color appearance attracts feather lovers.  They have compact bodies, larger head, and short neck, longer and strong bills.  They also have short and stubby tails and short legs. These tropical species are in different color as they have about 90 species   have slight difference in appearance. Blue, green, purple, reddish, white and brown are common plumages but many Kingfishers have iridescent feathers.

Life Span:


Kingfisher is lovely and beautiful bird live up to 15 years.



These birds belong to Alaska origin and also found in southern Canada and USA. Pacific Ocean is also their habitation in winter season.

Clutch Size:


3-5 eggs in single clutch.



Kingfisher is cute and lovely birds known from their loud shrikes.  If we talk about their nature then they have predatory nature like to live solitary. Grey-headed Kingfisher is bred in aviculture. Kingfishers select cavities to make nests. They dig tunnels into ground alongside the natural or artificial river of lake banks. If we talk about relation between human and Kingfisher you surprised that Kingfisher are shy and solitary birds.



Kingfishers required lot of prey because they consume much food. Hunting fish are their favorite task.  They love fish.  They also eat crustaceans, amphibians, frogs, insects, spiders and reptiles.  Provide them good in rich amounts. Dried shrimps and specialized pallets also served to provide nutrition food.



Kingfisher are tunnel nester dug tunnels in ground but they also suitable of aviary living. It feels difficulty in aviary if you do not provide adequate environment. Provide soft banks like ground to make burrow easily in aviary floor. Artificial tunnel is best substitute that may design with pipes that directly connected to nest box.

Health and Care:


Kingfisher hardly adjusts in aviary surrounding but they live nicely if you provide them goo habitat, water, nutritional   diets and vaccination.  Tapeworm is Common Health issue causes due to parasites found in their prey.  They also face nutritional problems.

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