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How Interesting To Keep Budgies


Budgerigars or in short wording budgies make best friendly pet as compare to dog. Happy environment with cheerful companies of budgies parrot appealing the long commitment. These pet want lots of attention and love form their owner. Australian pet bird lots of time copy your word and make create entertainment for you. If you brought the budgies as pet but not have knowledge about their look after don’t hurt. Here we give great information about their caring.

Sorts of Budgies:

According to their color pattern budgies birds fall down in to different types like,






Yellow face






Budgies bird like to eat seeds, vegetables, fruit, and grain. As a food supplements you can give cuttlefish to your budgies which help them to make in vitamin in the body. Always try to give them meals in a dish and bowl. Chop vegetable and fruit you can also add in their meal. If you disturb to daily chop of fruits and vegetable then at one time make mixture and freeze them for several days. Don’t give them avocado, potato, and lemon like diet its harm full for their health.



Fresh and clean water you should provide to your per budgies. Water In a bowl put in their cage that it can use for clean, splash and bathing. But don’t live the water long time with this budgies make the body mess.



As budgies have small body but full with energy that help them to make entertainment. Climbing and swing like activities more found in their nature. You should arrange the swing in their cage in this way their body keeps in movement. Toys are best for their mental and physical growth and health.



You must buy the wide cage for budgies. In big cage budgies can easily make movement and enjoy different activities. Don’t picks up the round cage because under these style cage making exercise become difficult. Add plastic bathtub in their cage budgies like to splash in water as a fun. Addition of toys like ball and ring entertain the budgies.



To keep the budgie healthy and long life their body care must need. Keep clean their water bowl and food dish that it make dirty with splashing, and shaking he feather in water. With their feather budgies spread the food in the cage. You must rinse the cage each day.



Budgies lay down the 4 to 6 range of eggs that emerged in budgies baby after 21 days. You will arrange the best cage for their health life. During the gestation period budgies need more help, time and effort.



Budgies can live alone but if you have other pet then these can make attachment with them. Usually budgies make best company with hens.

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