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Intelligent African Gray Parrot Life Fact


African gray parrot are so intelligent. If you are going to enjoy the parrot as pet become careful that your children are above 12 ages, otherwise they will run, shouting, and waving the arm of the parrot and they will become nervous and stress. African gray when become stress can bit your kids. Learn more about African gray life scroll down the page.

Life Span:

African gray parrot enjoy long life 40 to 60 years.



African gray color parrot are in medium size with gray and black prominent feather. These parrots have 400 gram weight with 33 cm length. Light gray and dark gray color lying over the head from wings. Tai8l feather are in red color while the eyes are dark gray to black color. Gray with yellow color shade eyes are in adult African parrot. Adult African parrot body weight founded between 418- 526.



Gray parrot are little demanding, intelligent, and charming bird. These parrot brilliant features match to sensitivity and some behavioral issue. African gray parrot are plucking and chewing their feather that is bed habit. These parrot need lots of hands on time, tolerate with owner. If every member of household become socialize with parrot it will become one person bird.

Sound & Speech:

 Pet African gray parrots have best talking ability. These parrots can repeat the word and phrase just in one or two time. In early age gray parrot make full taking with loud sound. You are wrong if don’t believe on Smart gray parrot loud sound. These parrots speak to learn the house sound like microwave beeping, cell phone ringing.



African gray parrot lays 3 to 5 eggs and incubates them in 30 days. The chicks need more care of their parents and require food. Parents keep care of chicks until that ripe the age of 5 week and become fledge.



Pet African gray parrot are mostly frugivorous in their diet include seeds, fruits and nuts. This species of parrot give prefer to palm tree, eat flower, insects, and snails. In variety of fruit include apple, orange, pomegranate, banana and vegetable include peas, carrot, potato, green beans. For best calcium food are need.

Health & care:


African gray parrot get feather picking, calcium vitamin A and D deficiency, respiratory infection, feather diseases, psittacine break helath issue. Arrange the toys to check the gray parrot intelligence. African gray much effected and become stress due to their environment. Offer the balance diet to your pet gray parrot for htier best health. .

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