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Indian Ring-Necked Parrot as Energetic Pet




Indian ring neck parrot is medium sized pretty parrot. It can originate from India and Asia. Indian ring neck parrots are also known as dimorphic bread. Their male and female both are recognized as their facial features. It’s the pretty parakeet so; people keep in their home in decorative cages. They can also known as rose ringed parrots.

Life span;

Indian ring neck parakeet approximately life span is 25 to 30 years.

Physical characteristic;


Indian ring neck parrots are dimorphic bread that can differentiate as their physical feature. Male ring parrot is look such as black facial mark, deep red beak and three color bands around their neck. Female is also beautiful parrot but without facial mark and collar bands. It cans also having darkening color around their neck. Their average length is 16 inches with tail feather. They can also available in large variety of colors such as brighten green, yellow and blue colored.

Personality traits;


Indian ring neck parrots are energetic and intelligent parrots. They can best pet of their owner. It is attached with their owner and strongly bounded with their owner. They are socializing parrot with their pleasant personality. it is playful and flying parrot that can enjot with swing and chewing their toys. Sometime, they are more aggressive and jealous parrots. They can feel jealous with other family members and pets.

Good learner;


They are very intelligent parrots so; they can quickly learn tricks who teach their owner. They can perform such tricks like untying knots, ringing a bell and picking the objects.



Indian ring neck parrot are more active bird so, they need excecise for their strong muscles. You should put out some time with their cage for flying in safe space. Also provide toys and swing in their cage for chewing and playing.



Indian ring parrot can required roomy cage for their living. Their cage is arranged with food and water dishes, toys box, perches swing and resting box. Fully arranged and comfy cage is best for their good health. When you keep as pet then also take care of their house cleaning with bacterial effects.



Indian ring neck parrots are like fruits, vegetables, nuts, barriers and seeds. You should provide fruits and vegetables when you keep as pet. Healthy food is best for their good and healthy long life.

Health and care;


Indian ring-necked parrot basically a healthy parrot but they can indulge in some bacterial disease such as Polyomavirus, Apergillosis and pssicatossis disease. Proper veterinary check is must. They are also good flyer so take care of their feature care. Trim their feature with time to time.

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