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Green Cheeked Amazon Parrot ‘’Red Crowned Parrot’’ as Pet




Green cheeked Amazon parrot is attractive brighten shade parrot. Green cheeked is also known as ‘’red crown parrot’’. They can also known number of notable names. It can originate from Mexico. These parrots are pleasant and social companion parrots.

Life span:


Green cheeked average life span is more than 60 years.

Physical appearance:


Green cheeked Amazon parrots are darker green to pale green. Their under parts are yellow colored. Their cheeks are also green shade as their name. Their front is red therefore it is called red crowned parrot. Their beak is in yellow colored. Their eyes down color is violet blue. They can also having Violet blue and red color on their wings. Their body size is 13 inches top to edge tail.

Personality traits:


Green cheeked Amazon parrots are intelligent interactive and affectionate their owner. These parrots are good talker so you can own as pet. They can also known as ‘’good natured’’ bird.



Green cheeked Amazon parrots excess to gain their weight. So they can highly require plenty of exercise to burn their extra calories. When you own as pet then take care of them and provide 3 to 4 hour per day take out from their cage. When out of cage the parrot then you should provide safe place flying jumping for their good physical and mental health.



Green cheeks Amazon parrot is good looking parrot. Their grooming is necessary. For their cleaning bathing is must. You should give shower with warm water. After bathing dry their body for their clean and neat body.



Green cheeked parrots can require high quality pallet food and seed mix diet. When you own then take care of their feed. They can also like fresh fruits and vegetables. So provide their required items for their good and best nutritional health.



Green cheeked Amazon parrots basically live in tropical areas. So, you can own as pet then take care of their housing. Owner should provide large sized luxurious cage fro their living. In their cage provide aviary, food and water pots swings and toys for playing. All required items placed in their cage.

Health and care:


Green cheeked Amazon parrots are healthy parrot. But they can gain weight so, they required plenty of exercise. When you can keep as pet then proper take care of them and fulfill their food and health requirements.

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