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Glass and Plastic Jar as Pet Bird Feeders Designs


Plastic and glass jars are used as bird feeder and get attracting hue on your pet birds.  Mason jar and plastic jars can style up with latest styling and get artistic glam n them. These creative look jar bird feeder can get multi functional charm such as bird feeding idea and outdoor decoration ideas. These elegant pieces of jar feeders bring outstanding charm on your modern exterior decoration. You may also hang on tree branches for bird feeding and pet bird cage adoration idea.  If you can like these bird feeders then must try on your modern pet bird cages and garden hanging ideas.

Mason jar with wooden spoon bird feeder design:


Mason jar and wooden spoon wrapped around with red and white plaid ribbon. This Mason jar bird feeder is hanged on the tree branch and gets charming hue on your home garden adoration.  This glass Mason jar is filled with seeds for your pet bird wooden spoon is also a source of entrance on this feeder and gets pleasurable touch on your pet bird.

Plastic jar bird feeder design:


Exquisite look jar style pet feeder is hanged   on the tree branches in garden setting.  This plastic jar is designed with edge both side holes for receiving bird feed. Two poles are also for sitting pet birds for eating food.  On these holes a shed that can cover bird any environmental problem.  This functional pet bird feeder can give enchanting hue on your home exterior decoration.

Pole standing wooden framed glass jar bird feeder:


In this image you can see diy wooden pole standing Mason jar bird feeder. In this glass jar bird food pallets or seeds are filed and under the wooden house space for bird eating. This creative diy Mason jar bird feeder is attracting for birds and grabs the attention on this feeder. You may also make this style bird feeder for your pet bird.

Diy pet bird feeder design:


Artistic look Mason jar bird feeder brings astonishing glam on your pet birds feeding. It is designed with metallic wire spiral styling wrapped on Mason jar and edge metallic holes featured plate for eating. This stylish bird feeder brings eye-catching charm in outdoor standing. You may also hang on your pet bird cage with this unique style.

Yellow and blue Frisbee sported glass jar feeder:


Tree branch hanged Mason jar bird feeder is designed with yellow and blue top or edge Frisbee fascinated style these Frisbee can sport this bird feeder and get captivating glam on your modern outside fascinating ideas. This brightens shade Frisbees can get prominent touch on this glass jar feeder.

Rope hanging Mason jar bird feeder:


Fabulous look diy cheep idea of bird feeder.  Rope hanging glass jar bird feeder can give enchanting hue on garden. You may hang this style bird feeder in forest for birds. This feeder can display bird food in cearly so bird can see their food and reached for this food and eat them.  Edge mud plate is fixed for eating food who can take out this jar.

Multi cup saucer top glass jar feeder style:


Outstanding jar with top cup saucer fascinated pet bird feeder can give magnificent charm on your pet bird cage. These colorful printed cup saucers on top glass jars bring eye-catching charm for birds and any stranger. You may also decorate your pet bird cage with these hanging glass jar bird feeders and bring spectacular touch with colorful cup saucer adoration.

Simple plastic jar bird feeder style:


This simple but elegant look plastic jar with re lid design is looking fabulous with wall mounted style.  In front of the jar one hole for receiving bird food and take one sticks for standing and eat the food. This wall mounted bird feeder can get center of attention for your pet bird and like to eat food on this bird feeder.
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