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Get Affectionate Alexandrine Parakeet as Pet




Alexandrine parakeets are the bright colored gentle parrot. It can be originated from India. These parakeets are quite as compare to ring-necked parrot. They belong to Psittaculidae family. Alexandrine parakeets are independent and playful parrots. They are sociable parrot so; they are excellent pet in home. You may also keep as pet in their home.

Life span;

Alexandrine parakeet’s life span is approximately up to 40 years. With good care their life span is also increase.

Physical characteristics;


Alexandrine parakeets are medium sized parrot. Their body size is 58 cm and also having long tail. Their body weight is approximately 200 to 300 g in adult age. Alexandrine parakeets are dimorphic species. Male parrot body is full green hue with black and rose neck ring. Female have also same coloring body but without neck ring. Both male and female having top wing rose colored patch. It’s prominent as compare to other parrots.

Personality traits;


Alexandrine parakeets are playful gentle parrot. It is excellent family pet. It can also talkative bird and play with toys. These are loyal pet and bound heir owner family members. Sometime they like one family member and like it and show bounding with them. If you wished happy and healthy pet then keep alexandrine parakeets. It cans also one person bird. Alexandrine parakeets are affectionate parrot after get consistent attention. Sometime they can more aggressive when you keep as pet then put out in separate cage with other pet birds.

Good learner;


Alexandrine parakeets are good learner. They are more intelligent bird. They can quickly follow the tricks of their owner and also capable for acrobats.



Alexandrine parakeets are active and fast bird so; they need plenty of exercise for their physical and emotional health. They are good flying bird. They need flying. When you keep as pet then put out this parakeet on their cage and provide safe place for flying and playing. I can suggest pet owner to provide 2 to 3 hours for plenty of exercise, playing with toys and flying.



Alexandrine parakeets grooming is essential. They like it showery spray is rainy season. When you keep as pet then indoor showery spray is must for their likeness and cleanliness.



Alexandrine parakeets are like other species food such as fruits, vegetable, seed mix and greenery. Pet owner should provide plenty of fresh food, supplemented food for their good and healthy life.



Alexandrine parakeets housing is appropriate. When you keep as pet then take care of their housing. Their housing cage is large sized according other body size. Cage width is according to their feather tail. Their cage is arranged in organized way such as their food and water dishes, plenty of toys, nesting box, resting box, swings. Cleaning of their housing is must for saving bacterial hazards.

Health care;


Alexandrine is healthy parakeet species but sometime they can fell in some health problems such as Polyomavirus, pssitacosis and bacterial infection. Proper health caring is must. Veterinary check up is must for their good healthy life.

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