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Best Talker Macaw as Pet


The first and important questions about macaws are these make good pet. Here our answer is “YES”. Before thinking about macaws’ bird you must confirm where these are laying. With their colorful feathers detailing macaws become the lover of every one. To give complete training to macaws you should give them time and care, in this way you cam make best relation with pet macaws. To know more about macaw life scroll down the page and enjoy interesting information. We will share macaws’ appearance, diet, breeding, housing, health and care like fact.



Severe macaw

Blue and gold macaw

Green winged macaw

Military macaw

Yellow colored macaw

Red bellied macaw

Red fronted macaw


Macaws grow with their long tail, light color feathers detail, large beaks that make these unique from other parrot. Some species of macaws have small face that makes them unique from other. Macaw’s body length is 40 inches.



Macaws have formidable nature as these look cute not are kind hearted and sensitive. These like to play with toys especially wool items. Pet macaws are active and intelligent. You can learnt them talk and sing. Blue and gold macaw when become much excited then their facial patch turns to reddish. You should teach your pet macaw that it doesn’t threat the other people.



For pet macaw you should arrange the tall cage to keep their feathers in movement. Provide your macaw toys in this way they live happy and give you interesting scene. Good environment give your pet macaw in which it can easily learn that you want. Keep the fresh tree branches in the cage that give attractive charm.



Macaw likes to eat seed, flower, fruit, figs, nuts, and leaves. With their hard chew macaw crush the nut easily. Best diet gives them more energy for healthy life.



During the breeding season both male and female become noisier. During the breeding time period pet macaw make aggressive with human. Macaw laid 3 to 4 eggs and kids come out the eggs under 27 days. First few week mother macaws feed their baby and keep them with care.



Macaw are face down the feather destructive, If you don’t care and give them medical treatment then their feathers plucking. You’re your pet macaw best place for playing, taking exercise. Some time macaw can fall down in to beak diseases. Give little time but must to keep the macaw cage clean.

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