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Fantail Pigeon as Pet Bird



In number of pigeon breed fantail is one of the wide range breed. Its fan shaped feather tail make fantail popular and lovely. Fantail silky and slight feather make shimmering look. Darwin Charles first introduces the fantail pigeon name due to their back fan tail features. These make good family and mostly founded in Pakistan, India, Spain, or china. Can I have fantail as pet? The answer of this question is in yes option these make good pet.

Fantail Pigeon Appearance:


Lovely fantail pigeon have amazing body shape. Their small head with slander shape neck and small body make them lovely. Pigeon commonly founded in white color as other are silver, yellow, red, and blue. These breed of pigeon have 13 to 14 feathers on their tail that open in fan shape.

Body Size and Life:


Fantail pigeon body weight is 400 to 500 grams body length is 28 centimeter long. They can enjoy their life duration period 10 to 20 years.

Feeding Of Fantail Pigeon:


Fantail pigeon like to drink fresh water twice time in a day. The reason of their health body is grain feeding. Ideas fantail pigeon also can eat Milo, wheat, barley, white peas, and so on. Fruit like papaya is the most favorite fruit of fantail pigeon.

Health and Care:


Comfy housing becomes needed for fantail pigeon as a pet. Keep neat and clean pigeon house to keep them healthy. Interesting fact is that you must provide separate bath to your pet fantail pigeon for splash in water. These pigeon love to take splash in water that make interesting scene for owner. But In winter season you become secure to give opportunity of taking bath.


Fantail pigeon are only the bird that you can catch in your hand easily. As compared to other pigeon Indian fantail cannot fly. Much need and care need for Indian fantail pigeon. If you give them some interesting training they make happy mood and try quickly.

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