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Exotic-Bills Hornbill as Pet


Hornbill is frequently bright color bird belong to tropical bird family originated in African and Asian countries. Its distinctive appearance and unique bill make it more attractive. Hornbills are in different size according to their spices. These birds found in 45 species with a length of 1 to 5 feet.



Hornbill has prominent bills which are in downward curve shape and ornamental csaque in bill give it exotic look. Long and heavy bills that formed of keratin supported with strong and powerful neck. Male and female Hornbill are quite different from each other as there is 1 to 17% different in their body mass yet they also different in length. Hornbill is varying in coloring from black dwarf Hornbill to southern ground Hornbill.



Hornbill uses their bills fro fighting, hunting and peering. They also construct nest with their bills. Their bizarre behavior are bigger feature the attract humans and which become greater reason of its popularity as pet. Hornbill are quite social pet just stay with their mate or other softbill birds.



Hornbill need larger and wider space to spread their larger wings and glides then other birds. So choose larger, room size, enclosure for your bet bird. They are native to hot climate need warmth space in winter seasons. These birds are outdoor pet can’t survive in smaller homes or apartment. Put larger wood   as they live in nest.



Hornbills are omnivores have smaller tongue in V-shape. So give them food which easily pick by their bills. Chopped fruits, insects, crickets, mealworms and inanimate food are suitable for Hornbill.

Health and Care


Newly born Hornbill need quickly deworm for tapeworm. Protect from frostbite with in aviary and bring them inside the home during winter as they require heated area in cold season.

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