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Are Energetic Society Finches As Pet?



Society finch is colorful and energetic bird. It can also know as Bengalese finches. It can commonly found in cage. It cannot live as in wild. So, people keep as pet in their home setting. Due to their energetic trait people keep as pet. Their few species are domesticated which base people kept in their home.

Life span;

Their average life span is more than 8 years.

Physical characteristic;


Society finches are small sized sparrow. Their average adult size is 4 inches. Their body weight is 16 to 17 grams. Their body color is brown, yellow and white. They can both light and dark shade according to their species. Like such as fawn and darker such as chocolate brown colored with white patches. Both male and female become similar due to their physical characteristic.



Society finches are small but energetic and peaceful bird. They can also social birds with other species finches that can more attracting for other people. They can have ideal temperament which not shows aggressive behavior with other birds. It can rare that are aggressive with other due to their breading disturbance.


wild finches 2.

When you keep as pet then can provide fresh fruits and plenty of water on daily basis. They can also eat seed mix food such as millet and canary seed. They can also green food like spinach and chickweed. For their good health you should also provide supplement food such as egg food and fruits.



Their housing is set in cage setting. When you keep as pet then provide wide space cage. They are energetic flying bird. So, they can require wide space for flying and jumping side to side. Their housing cage is set with some instruction. It can be designed with wide space cage which having a swing, bar stick for sitting, food and water dishes, toys and nesting space for breading. Their housing cage keeps both indoor and outdoor setting but take care of their temperature.



It is small sized bird so, their handling should carefully. Because they are flying bird their most of chances of flying. When you can handle your pet finches then firstly clip their nails and placed on their palm. Finch back side touches your palm and whole finger can holding this bird and their thumb is placed on their head.



Society finches are more social bird. They can keep companionship with their owner and other birds. People who kept as pet they should keep with kindness and companionship. Due to companionship they can live happily and their growth becomes healthy.



Society finches are most reliable breeders. In hose setting they can bread individual pairing. For this they can require open nesting. In their housing cage provide open nesting. Their nesting box size is approximately 5 or 6 inches.

Health and care;


Society finches can require proper take care of their health. When you keep as then take care of their health with proper following rules. If they can fell in any illness then provide supplement food and veterinary check up.

Society finches as pet;

Society finches are easy to keep and handling so, keep as pet. They can also excellent and reliable breeders so, keep in cage setting easily. People can like it they can easily keep as pet in their house setting.

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