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Eclectus Parrots As Pet- Sexually Dimorphic Birds

Solomon Island and Sumba native Keeping eclectus are aves class members   named Eclectus due to its sexually dimorphic coloration which derived from word electricity. These birds have more than 9 subspecies. They are all beauty and founded in splendid colors with give unique and inviting look. Hails origin form Australia, Indonesian island and New Guinea.


Red-sided eclectus

Solomon island eclectus

Vosmaeri eclectus

Biaki eclectus

Aruensis’s eclectus

Riedeli’s eclectus

Cornelia eclectus

Westermani eclectus


Eclectus parrots also known as sexually dimorphic birds because their sex easily recognized due to its feather colors. Male eclectus parrots have brigt emerald green feathers with lower wing red and blue splashes and orange beaks. Female eclectus are in different color according to subspecies. They generally found in red, yellow/mauve or red with violet blue belly and under wings and black beaks. Egyptians considered that male and female Eclectus are two spices but they are not. Eclectus are medium side parrots have average length between 12 to 14 inches and weighted between 388 to 49 drams.


Eclectus are prettiest and intelligent pets have unbelievable talkative abilities that easily carry work what their owner says. They feel happy to mimic on sweet of favorite sounds like music. Laugh, microwave and sneezing sounds. They are adventurous pet love to explore new places and things. Also watch TV and listen radio. Eclectus are social and efficient birds enjoy company. They sit over shoulders to get more attention. As we say these are intelligent spices keenly observe owner activating by focusing it eyes on him. It show little interest and carry words which you spoke. They are sensitive to loud sound and show some fear from them.


Eclectus parrots are quite sensitive pet need clean and comfy space for habitation. Select wider and higher cages with swings, tree branches and toys which keep it active and enjoy hanging up and down in their cages. Provide enough space as they easily flap their wings.


Eclectus feed on fruits, nuts, seeds, and green leaves. Fruits pulps and their stones are their favorite one. Provide proper diet and give proteins capsules and drops thrice in a week.

Health care

Eclectus parrot are cleaned nature do not throw feather dust and like to live in clean place so clean out their cage several times in a weeks. They need 10-12 hours sleep in a day if you family scheduled do not allow it to sleep for 12 hours then give quite time for napping during the day. Eclectus parrots generally have less health issues and live about 50 to 75 years with good health.   Provide variety of nutrients than vitamins or supplements.

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