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Easy Fun Games to Play with Pet Bird

As you like your pet bird want to take enjoyment. All games for per bird include a start command that you must give to your pet bird. You also get lots of enjoyment and fun with your pet bird. Here we define different games teach your bird that also best for their health.

Stair Case Dash:


Two people can play staircase dash to get enjoyment with per bird. The one person stand on bottom of stair whiles other place the bird at the top of stair. Bottom person call the bird with its name, bird hears the voice and climb down the stair. Pet bird will climb down the stair with feet and flapping the wings. Once again time bottom person go on the stair top and call the bird from top. Most bird quickly starts the favorite job again time and like more.

 I Am Going To Catch Your Tail:

Set your pet parrot on your bed and hand near its tail. Your bird will run other side of the bed, lets your bird takes rest and after that you can do it again. When the bird grab the rope and get swing you also gently swing the bird now you can take back the parrot in to the cage.

Let’s Fly The Pet Bird:


Hold the bird feet and allow him to fly, as you life your arm on top of head your bird start to go. When your bird goes upward it will flap its wings. Keep the hand up several seconds as long as your pet bird continues flying. When you believe your bird enjoy do another time.

Basketball With Pet Bird:


Teach your parrot how it can play basketball game. Buy the bird sized basketball hoop especially for parrot. This will have suction cup on the back of the hoop to hang with the wall. Set the hoop up on the floor with small distance to the wall. Show your bird small basketball and then put in the hoop.

Hide And Seek:


Come at home part with your bird and don’t familiar your pet bird of that space. Put your bird on the floor and then say it walks and find me! Go several yard, room corner your pet bird can see you duck your head back. You can call your bird name if it will come looking. When you’re pet bird find out you make a scratch on its head with great love.

Climb up The Rope:


Get a cotton rope and hand with ceiling. Set the pet bird on the floor near the hanging rope and say the bird climb up the roop. Many parrots like more to get on the rope and start climbing up the rope. Once your bird reach on the top say good bird! And let it go again. Always try 4 to 5 feet long rope.

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