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Easy Craft Bird Play Stands Ideas

Construct play stand to see your pet bird active and smart. Birds like to go up and down position that best provided play stand. You can craft these stand on home or buy from bazaar. In our collection wood or industrial pipe bird play sand are list down. Big to small size stand you can keep in any corner of the home where you and your bird feel safe. Provide more entertainment with color games in play stand.

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Rainbow Medium Length Table Top Play Stand:


Rainbow colors are founded in medium length table top bird play stand. Play stand decorate with ladder, chain ring, swing, nylon thick curvy rope, colored strip swing. Perches of play stand give high and low length comfort seat to bird. White color Perches are covered with blue paint. Parrot birds enjoy swing and like to walk on hurdle ways that are crafted with snake style rope.

Homemade Bird Play Stand:


In natural wood wheel tray bird play stand is crafted. Thin and thin stitch arranged in bamboo poles with the help of steel nails and ropes. In each corner of bird play stand you can see that white color water or food bowl are hanging. Maize bean also hang in down word position. Try to add colorful things in bird play stand because colors attract them so much.

Industrial Pipe Bird Play Stand:


Industrial pipe is useful material in crafting bird play stand. With light weight pipe you can draw different high and low length ways. You can easily hang the different bright color accessory with white industrial pipe. Ring first fill in pipe than with its chain bird toys are display. You bird take exercise when play on stand and live active. With Square form bird play stand you can change it direction.

Bird Special Enrichment Play Stand:


Special enrichment play stand is fun idea for pet bird. Bird play stand heavy decorates with different style things. The most interesting thing on bird play stand is ring chain. Birds sit in ring chain and enjoy swing. On wood carpet white stand tightly stand and don’t slip. Heavy loaded stand give entertainment look.

Bird Play Swing Set:


Bird play swing set made of wood material. Diy swing so easy that you can tray at home with just wood sticks. Pairs of ‘A’ letter are stand on that long stick slip for bird sitting. One side of swing set a ladder also arranged on that birds like to walk in step by step. Jute ropes with colored number are hanged inside the swing set. At end of each rope big size glossy ball are fill that keep ropes in down position.

In Floor Fix Bird Play Stand:


Above image define bird play stand fix in marble floor. With Gray and cream color industrial pipe bird toys are hanged. Recycle velvet purse with both open side in bird play stand. Bird likes to sit inside the velvet purse.

Pure White Color Bird Play Stand:


You can put the news paper under the bird play stand for cleanliness purpose. Drop the stand on high place where other pet animal don’t go and disturb the bird during play. Big size ring hand in pipe as a swing. Thin ladder give interesting look on white color bird play stand.

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