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Diamond Dove as Gentle Pet



Diamond dove is tiny delicate bird that can live near the water areas. These are belong to Australia which they can found in north part of the Australasia where dry deserts. Diamond dove can one of the smallest pigeon. It can also call peaceful dove. It is cute dove which reason people keep as pet in their home.

Life span;

Their life span is approximately above 10 years.

Physical characteristic;


Diamond dove is the small sized birds that can 9 to 11 inches which having long slender tail. They can also in darkish grey colored which having white and silver specks on their wings. Both male and female is looking similar but some differences can differentiate with one another. They can also having orange eye which having red eye ring. Male eye ring is dominant but female has less dominant. There whole body is defined such as head, neck and breast is light blue grey colored. There bill is dark grey colored. Their abdomen is creamy while their tail is brown grey colored. Their legs and feet are also in pink colored.

Personality traits;


Diamond dove is gentle and social bird. They can live in pairing and attract with each other. They live happy in garden area because they can interact with nature. If you cannot attach with your dove pet then they can need of companion. So, when you can keep as pet then bounding is most important for their health. Theses dove has less ability to defend themselves.



Diamond dove like seed mixture food. They can also eat greenery and soft fruits. You should provide these items for their good health. In their breading season they can eat hardboiled egg. When you keep as pet then proper take care of their diet.



For proper growth they can need proper housing. For this they required broad cage for their living. In this cage they you should provide proper food and water tray, proper nesting area arranged because they can bread in open nest. You should provide proper nesting material in their cage.



Diamond dove can also need proper exercise for their good health. They cannot climb as parrot. They live happily in ground floor. If you keep as pet then provide appropriate space in room for floor walking. Walking exercise is their favorite so; you should provide their good health.



If you can keep as pet then proper take care of their cleaning. They can also need bathing on regular basis. Their housing cage is also neat clean on daily basis. If you cannot clean their cage and their body they can prey bacterial disease.

Health and care;


Diamond dove is generally healthy bird. But you should proper take care of their health. They can fall in canker disease that can respiratory disease which dove throat swell. If you cannot treated then can be fatal. So, you should proper take care of their health, cleaning, feeding and proper health care.


Diamond dove is small sized gentle and social able pet. People keep as pet their gentleness. If you can keep as pet then proper take care of their health, housing. Feeding and cleaning in appropriate way.

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